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Celebrating in Lockdown

Since the lockdown began in Dubai, my family has collectively celebrated two birthdays, two anniversaries, and Eid al-Fitr following a very different Ramadan. These celebrations were not at all what we had expected them to be but we found ways to enjoy these important events whilst staying home. Here’s how!

Get Dressed Up

One of the most fun things about celebrations is that you have the perfect excuse to get dressed up! For all of the events we have celebrated in lockdown, I have made the effort to ditch the sweatpants and actually put on the dresses I miss wearing. It may feel a bit weird to dress up just to walk downstairs, but it does make it feel more like a celebration!  


Obviously the best part of most celebrations is the food… so if you have a special events, try do something different to your usual home meals! Support a local business by ordering a takeaway, or try a new recipe! Don’t forget dessert too – look at my last blog here for my favourite easy cakes, cookies & brownies.  


For those of you who enjoy a drink, homemade cocktails are very popular right now! They can also easily be made as mocktails! My sister and I have made many strawberry daiquiris (blend ice, sugar / sweetener, frozen berries, lemon juice, and rum or lemonade) recently & you can even get a group of friends together on Zoom / Teams to have a drink & catch-up.

Family & Friends

Perhaps the hardest part of celebrating in lockdown is not being able to see the people you love. However, I celebrated my anniversary entirely over Microsoft Teams, complete with takeaway pizza, cocktails, and Netflix Party. And you can too! I know video-calling is not the same, but make some time to call those whom you miss the most, especially on special days.


If you can – tidy up your space, string up the Christmas lights, or any nice lighting, add any balloons or bunting or banners that you may have lying around! Add some colour to the room, set the table nicely, whatever you need to do to make your living room, dining room, or bedroom feel less like the space you have spent the past few weeks, and more like space for celebration!

Get Outside

Finally, if your country permits it, try and spend a little time outside. Even if it is just a brisk walk for your ‘daily exercise’, or grabbing some groceries at the supermarket. Get a bit of sunshine & fresh air & you’ll feel a lot better about being home!

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