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Catching Up: Christmas, New Years, January Blues & Resolutions…

Oh hi there, I’m new here!

Total lies, but it has been a whole two months since I last posted (the longest gap I’ve ever had on this blog), and as the title suggests, those two months have featured a lot. Not that many really missed my blogs, aside from my adoring Mother <3 But yes, a lot has changed since I last uploaded in University House because my laptop was broken and I was crying in a sea of unending deadlines. Ahhh fond memories.

First of all, don’t worry, my Mother saved me yet again by donating me her old laptop (yet, for some reason, I’m still spending far too much time in Uni House studying…) and I was able to survive the tidal wave of deadlines that was the second half of term 1….

Those frosty mornings walking to Uni House, only enhanced by the tears freezing to my cheeks… 

Nevertheless, despite all the stress and late nights, the Christmas holidays arrived in true style at the beginning of December, healing all my Tabula-created wounds with endless Brie and champagne. And what a holiday it was!

I turned 21 surrounded by a whole cluster of friends from school, university, Erasmus, and childhood…

When the Warwick friends came to Surrey

And got a whole dose of Christmas cheer in one night at the Royal Albert Hall

Yes, it seems so ridiculous to discuss Christmas now, but, as a firm believer in singing Christmas songs all year round, I’ll allow myself to revel in the joys of December, especially when the semester is moving so quickly already. And when we are facing the January Blues…

However, at the risk of getting punched, after a slightly painful and tear-ridden deadline in the beginning on week 2, I am actually enjoying a whole semester of no deadlines.  Yes, I can’t quite believe it either. Is this what it is like to actually enjoy university and have free time? January Blues, I don’t know her? Lmao I’ll shut up now.

But, I have found that without deadlines piling up in the back of my mind all the time, university has certainly been a more rounded experience, and in the last week I’ve signed up to two new societies: amnesty soc and the student cinema. I’ve never really committed to societies at Warwick before, so I’d like to think this is somewhat of a New Years Resolution, but one that will not only help me to meet new people, but help balance my life a little more when the deadlines return. It’s certainly better than losing my entire student loan on a Warwick sport membership only to give up before February. Sorry, not sorry, I speak the truth.

Gone are the days of the library fully representing my reality with their choice of Christmas decorations

Given the speed with which this term is flying by (how are we already at the end of week 3?!?) it seems more important than ever to balance enjoying that all-important, life-affirming university experience, and planning for the future. I mean, it won’t be long until I have to actually face my final year, which terrifies me, and then graduate…

Before that, however, this summer I’ll be spending 3 months in Moscow interning at a tax company, and in the midst of my visa applications, discussions with various Muscovites about where is best to live to ensure the easiest metro experience (from what I’ve heard, the London Underground has got nothing on the Moscow Metro in terms of rush-hour chaos and mid-summer sweat patches- yum!) and various hours spent looking at possible weekend-trips, I feel like I am back in first year planning my year abroad. It’s all quite nostalgic. Until I am reminded by the “honours” aspect of this year with the mountain of grammar work set for homework, and that I only have 18 months before graduating facing the real world! 

In fact, after such a busy year last year, I thought my return to Warwick would pale in comparison. But, every day is a (sometimes threatening, sometimes pleasant) surprise. Indeed, you can tell how much time has passed since my second/third/post Year-abroad year started by looking how big my little heartbreaker has become….

#Pupdate, even though he’s really no longer a puppy, is he? 🙁

Therefore, even though we’ve already survived Blue Monday and the end of January is in sight (one more week!), and I assume most people’s resolutions have already either become routine or been pushed to the back of the mind, ready for next year, I certainly am trying to stay a little more optimistic for the rest of the term, as well as keeping busy not only with studying. As disgustingly cheesy as it sounds, it is important to try new things and push yourself, as not only will it make your university experience so much more than just daily breakdowns in University House, it will mean you will share it with so many more people. 

So, to all those who hate me and are toiling away at their essays and assignments, waiting for the thrill of that email from Tabula saying “your assignment is due in 24 hours,” hang on in there- I believe in you! And if my thin cliches don’t spur you on to produce a first-class assignment, remember, there are always dogs, cheese, and eventually, Christmas to lift your spirits, and balance out your life. 

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