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Caring for the environment on campus and beyond

End of term deadlines are really getting to me! Have had to sacrifice some (many) lectures hoping that I’ll sort things out once the term ends. Thinking back to this term, I think I have become a lot more active about my care for the environment and I greatly thank the environmental economics module that I am currently doing. The module ends next week but the final assignment is due sometime during easter so I have a while to go before I find out whether I know my environmental economics properly or not but it cannot be denied that I have become a lot more active in my considerations of the environment when making decisions in life or bringing about change in my habits. I have been thinking of all sorts of different ways of becoming nicer in terms of looking after the environment and bearing the sustainability criterion in mind when I do things in life now.

So, some of the things I have done:

1. I used to pay for a political party membership. I cancelled that direct debit and now pay for Greenpeace. I am very stingy so couldn’t bring myself to pay for both. It is not a large sum I pay but I still feel like it is something I am doing!

2. I use my reusable water bottle now and once all the large water bottles in my room finish, I will invest in a 5L water bottle that would last much longer therefore I will be throwing away less plastic. This issue is even less if you drink tap water. Also, when voting in the SU elections, I saw in many of the SU election manifestos that people will be pressing for more water fountains on campus that would also help! Otherwise, there are water fountains in the library for you to fill up your reusable water bottles.

3. What else do you want other than 10p off on a drink if you bring your own flask? It is lovely to have one with a handle and a lid that you can close completely as well so your drink remains warm for longer.

4. After numerous searches, I couldn’t find the Bhaji sandwich today and upon asking a member of Warwick Retail staff, I found out that they are very high in demand so you lot are doing a great job at sustainable eating and remember you don’t have to completely stop eating meat!! I do remember overhearing someone in the library once (I do study as well!) that they tried and failed and that’s because going vegetarian over a night is unlikely to work for everyone. Taking small steps and setting yourself more achievable and realistic goals would help you more. This way you’ll be able to keep yourself motivated as well. Maybe aim to not eat meat on a particular day of the week or try to cut down on your meat intake per week?

5. Printing – this one I am super guilty about. I do print a lot but at the same time I guess when you don’t print a paper, you read it on your laptop screen so still you’re using energy. I have opted for paper over my laptop and you choose your approach but there is never any harm in questioning yourself whether you are printing only what you need to or are on your laptop scrolling down Twitter when you could be making more productive use of your time. In a way, printing costs serve as a great incentive to make you consider whether you really need to print what you’re printing before you hit that ‘print’ button. Some of you may disagree with me but I personally feel like printing costs are low enough to enable us to print but still there so we don’t print unnecessarily.

6. Living in Canley not only means a lovely walk in the morning but also that my travel to campus has little to no impact on the environment other than the intrinsic value I get out of the environment by enjoying the wind and the sky. Those of you who drive to campus may want to give their friends a lift to campus so you increase the value of the journey to society (economists would understand what I’m saying; I hope I’m not wrong).

7. Having a massive bag means never having to buy any plastic bags when I go shopping. Yes they cost now so we are all becoming very economic with our use of them but there is always something better you can do.

It is green week on campus and in Coventry and there is a lot going on in the area. Check out this link to find out more: let’s show some love to mother nature!!!

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