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Careers, Voluntary Work, CLL End of Year Social and Holidays

It’s been a few weeks since I last blogged and a lot has happened. I’ve been away camping with the girls, attended a careers fair at University, continuing with my voluntary work with parent leaders and we’ve been on our family holiday.

I attended the summer careers fair at university on 28 June in the Rootes building, it was an interesting morning and for me I made some good links with a few employers and found some interesting information about careers once I graduate. If you haven’t been along to any of the careers fairs I would highly recommend it.

I am continuing with my voluntary work over the summer with Parent Leaders. We have a social every month and a meeting to discuss where we are at and where we are going. I’ve now been placed with Valley House Children’s centre and I have a meeting with them in a couple of weeks to see what I can do to help them out. Plus this will be great experience for me and my CV. I’m also hoping it may open up other doors once I’ve graduated.

We also had our CLL end of year social, it was a great evening of salsa and getting to know others within the department. If you haven’t been along to one yet, I would recommend it. It was a lovely atmosphere and there is always that bonus FREE drink!

The only other thing to happen over the last few weeks is that we went on our family holiday down south. We were fortunate to have lovely weather and Faith didn’t want to come home. We have found out that Faith is an adrenaline junkie! The faster and higher the rides the better, the only problem is that she’s only 3 and most of the rides she wanted to go on she couldn’t as she was too little!

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