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Careers for Art Historians

When I first decided that I wanted to study History of Art at Warwick University, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in terms of my career after I graduated. That wasn’t important to me at the time, because I had so much passion for the subject that I knew I would enjoy my degree and, most likely, any jobs that I could attain with it. However, I know that many students studying Art History (as well as prospective students) worry about what jobs are available as it can appear to be a very niche and specialised subject.

In fact, it is quite the opposite, Art Historians acquire abilities in critical thinking and visual analysis beyond that of most people, we are extremely observant and can see objects through the perspective of when they were created, understanding the culture and history, artistic processes and motivations of that time. We engage in many presentations and forms of public speaking, a common requirement in most jobs, and we can do intensive research, problem-solving and have a high attention to detail and aesthetics. We are also required to have strong writing skills, effective organisation and time management and we have a very open-minded and holistic approach towards most challenges. These are all valuable talents that are often sought after by employers.

So, here is a list of many possible career paths for Art Historians:

  • Museum/gallery conservator
  • Museum/gallery curator
  • Museum/gallery exhibitions officer
  • Museum Retail
  • Commercial art gallery manager
  • Heritage manager
  • Academic librarian
  • Archivist
  • Arts administrator
  • Further education teacher
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Art preservationist
  • Art restorer
  • Auctioneer
  • Art Law
  • Image Librarian/Visual Resources Creator
  • Art History Tour Lecturer
  • Freelance Art Historian
  • Specialist bookseller
  • Antique dealer
  • Events management
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Journalism

Many other options are available because of the many transferrable skills that we acquire and you may not even wish to pursue a career in the Arts when you graduate. The possibilities are endless so don’t worry! There is a job out there suitable for everyone. Thanks for reading!


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