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Careers Fair Tips

Last week we had the Autumn Careers Fair! I remember attending this in my 2 year, being super overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of students and not knowing which employers to approach. To be fair, this time last year I didn’t go in very prepared. Therefore this year, I attempted to make more of a plan.

Since this fair is typically in week 2 of term 1, it is best to start researching internships and graduate jobs before this so either in September or in week 1. If I’m honest, I did my researching in week 1 but this was enough time! This is only do-able though if you have a clear idea of what you want to apply for, so for myself I knew that I wanted to look for Human Resources graduate jobs. However, if you’re not sure which type of internship/job you want to apply for, you’ll need to speak to a careers advisor first! Once you then know, you can start to search for jobs that are available and figure out which employers you want to talk to at the careers fair. An easy way to start this of is by using tools like Debut (an app), Bright Network and Rate My Placement. Through these, you can filter exactly what you want (internship, placement or graduate job) and filter what sector you want it in. You can also potentially be talent spotted by employers through companies like this, so you’ll then have an advantage in your application.

After searching through these companies, I identified some employers and wrote them down under subheadings of deadline months. That way, I know which ones are a priority to apply to in the next few weeks. Then from this list, I identified which employers would be at the careers fair and their stand they would be at. I did this through an amazing tool called the Careers Fair Plus app, which allows you to view all of the employers present and shows you on a map where they are in the room. I was then in two minds about whether I should apply to the employers that would be at the fair before the fair itself, or to wait till I spoke to the company representatives and then apply. I decided to apply to as many as I could in the hopes that if I impressed anyone, they would take down my name and know that my application has already been submitted. The other thing that you can do is take down the representative’s name and include it in your application as a referral.

Remember to dress nice if you’re hoping to impress anyone! You don’t have to come in a full-on suit, but maybe don’t come in your joggers and hoodie? Some of you may have seen me at the Mars Incorporated stand at the careers fair, as I was helping them out as an ambassador and to talk about my recent summer internship. If you didn’t get to make it to the careers fair then don’t stress – I secured my internship without having met a Mars representative beforehand. There are other fairs coming up though – like the Business one tomorrow, Law and an Engineering one soon! Also, be sure to look at the upcoming individual employer events coming up on My Advantage, as they are another great way to network with employers if you want to make yourself known and increase your chances of securing a job.

If you’re like me and have applied to jobs, you’re probably going through the struggles of online assessments and video interviews – I have so many to prepare for that it’s taking over my life. However, after having failed so many last year during my internship applications and now actually passing them, I feel like I have some tips that may help some of you so I’ll try to make my next post about that. One thing that I know for sure is that completing an internship has definitely helped me in the situation judgement tests, so bear that in mind if you’re finding them difficult!

Good luck to those in the process of applications, don’t feel disheartened by any rejections as everything happens for a reason and you never know when something may come your way!

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