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Career events, academic extra-curricular opportunities and the rest

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Many people when they think of extra-curricular events instantly think of sport, music and all of that sort of stuff. And although Warwick has impressive opportunities in these areas, I would like to write about the career events and academic things you can get up to outside of lectures and seminars.


First of all, for those of you who are interested in current affairs and politics or if you enjoy listening to experts in a particular field, Warwick attracts many well-known and fascinating speakers as a leading UK university. Often, these events require membership of a particular society but this usually only costs a few pounds for the whole year and has a whole range of benefits attached to it. Politicians like Jacob Rees-Mogg have come to Warwick and whether you agree with the views of these speakers or not, it is still a great experience listening to people who are very much in the public eye. Other events at Warwick of a political nature include Warwick Question Time which is a good thing to see as they often have current students on the panel too discussing a range of issues which of course include Brexit!


Warwick is also an excellent place to be at when it comes to attending career events as the reputation of the university attracts the very best employers from the private and public sector. The Civil Service, Rolls-Royce, Amazon, Unilever and many others are regularly on campus. It may seem too early to start thinking about potential careers if you are an offer-holder or a first year even but attracting these companies will prove to be really useful as the search for Spring Weeks, internships and graduate jobs commences. Many of these events are open to students from all years so if you are a first year, you too will have the chance to network and find out about job opportunities in the spring and summer.


And finally, I finish on the most relaxed ‘academic’ extra-curricular event I attend: the weekly quiz at the Dirty Duck pub on campus. It’s a great chance to have a few pints, test your knowledge and take part in the Lightening Round which causes absolute chaos when you’re given 90 seconds to write a series of answers to several questions and then literally sprint to submit those answers to the judges at the front before the time runs out. And if you want to take your quizzing to the next level, there is always the Quiz Society which is the one you want to join if you happen to be a University Challenge enthusiast!


So yes, there really are many extra-curricular opportunities of a more academic nature to take advantage of at Warwick – I haven’t even mentioned Debating Society, Public Speaking Society, Politics Society and the many others that are available for you to join. And with regards to careers, you will be well-informed of the opportunities available with the leading employers in the country.




Lewis Chinchen | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Lewis

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