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Career Counselling at Warwick

Career Opportunities at Warwick:

Being in Warwick business school (WBS), I can safely say that the career counselling here is remarkable. To clarify, no one ever forced me to write this blog and these are all my genuine opinions about the dedicated WBS careers team. The events they organize are brilliant. Below are some of their organized events:

1) Career drop in services/ CV checks:

For a set time and place, every week, WBS careers team organizes a drop in service for students. They usually set a desk in the learning grid. The drop in service can be defined as something where students can have drop in and have a short chat with one of the experts about any of their career related queries. This could include CV/ Cover letter checks, Application queries or just general relevant queries. This is a good opportunity as you receive individual attention.

2) Autumn/ Summers Career fair:

This is a more centrally organized University thing. A large career fair occurs once a term. All of the Top UK employers are invited to hold a stand in those fair. Those top firms sent their employees to assist students and market their firms. Moreover, you can be lucky with the freebies they provide. Below is one of my collections made from a single Careers fair:


Having personally visited the Autumn Careers Fair in 2015, I believe it was a great learning opportunity.

3) Careers Team:

WBS careers team has its office in the WBS building. Any student can visit it and get careers related help. The resources they provide are numerous. Most importantly, this deserves recognition as sometimes students are not fully aware of the range of assistance University Careers Team provide. I was quite amazed to see that even before coming to University and being a prospective fresher, one member of the WBS Careers held a skype session with me for help in Interview preparation.

Quite generally, the career assistance is well covered at Warwick. Most importantly, Warwick’s reputation in the job market comes handy as a times, business related firms fast track applications for Warwick graduates in certain fields.

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