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Can you do Exams AND Work in Term 3?

I never expected trying to revise for exams and running several businesses at the same time would be a walk in the park, I knew I’d be busy! I’m writing this paragraph of this blog entry in Peterborough where I am for a meeting. It felt weird driving here, it felt like I was wasting time which I could’ve been using for revision or work or sleep. Everywhere you go for advice on time management and revision strategies these days it’s all about working ‘smart’ instead of hard (I mean, everyone knows they need to work hard so why bother reiterating?). So I’ve decided I’m going to be even more efficient with my time, and record myself going through all the cases I need to learn for my law module, and listening to them whilst I’m driving. Sounds a bit tragic, and it is really, but every little helps!

I’m now starting this paragraph sat at the bank waiting for my meeting here (it’s a couple of days later now…). It’s safe to say term 3 is always the busiest term despite having very few lectures and seminars. Everything seems to happen at once, and days seem to go really quickly as you’re permanently on the go. I quite like it though, I’d much rather be busy than bored! Lot’s of my friends who have part time jobs through uni take time off in third term so they can focus completely on their exams, which seems to me like a good idea.

Lots of people ask how juggling work and university is possible and it essentially all comes down to productivity and time management. So, for example, if you set aside a few hours to go to the library and read through the notes for a module, actually do that instead of chilling and chatting and whatever else. Similarly, if you’ve got to put together a business plan for whatever reason then focus entirely on that until it’s done, and don’t get side tracked looking at lecture notes. I find the easiest way of managing all the stuff I have to do is a series of to do lists which I constantly add to/edit. I have a today to do list (which I note down every morning on my phone), a general to do list (comprising of things which need doing but aren’t particularly time pressured) and a board to do list (comprising of things which need doing when the board next meets). I then spend my days crossing off items on the list and then repeating all this over and over again… Can’t wait until June 12th at 4pm… Then I’ll be free from these to do lists!

I’m now writing this final paragraph back in my room about to watch another lecture on lecture capture. Being productive and doing little bits all the time is, in my opinion, the best way to stay balanced. Take this blog post for example, it’s been written whilst I was waiting for a meeting in Peterborough, whilst I was waiting for a meeting at the bank in Leamington, and whilst I’m getting the lecture capture to load – all this time would’ve been wasted normally, but I’ve got this post written and uploaded instead. The same can apply to learning little bits of information in these periods of wasted time. Learn a couple of equations, a couple of examples, a few stats, some case studies etc… Use your time wisely, and you’ll be able to fit a lot more into your days than you think you can!

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