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Campus Student Life at Warwick

Hi everyone!

I’m sure some of you have applied to study at Warwick and are perhaps wondering what life is like on campus here. Warwick really is a place for everyone, whether you’re a party animal or more of a stay at home kind of person, there is plenty to keep you busy and free from the stresses of university life!

Firstly, something the SU have recently announced is that from the academic year of 2018-2019, Warwick will finally be getting a week 0. This means that freshers (and other students) will have a week free from academic commitments so that you can settle in to your new surroundings, make friends, and go out and sample the night life without fear of any dreaded 9am starts. YAY!

In terms of entertainment on campus, The Copper Rooms is the main place for nights out, especially on Wednesdays for POP!, and there are many different events on a very regular basis. At the Terrace Bar, Mixology is on every Thursday if you like something more chilled out. There are also two pubs, the Dirty Duck, which often hosts pub quizzes and Karaoke, and Varisty which serves great food if you fancy a bit of a treat!

For nights out beyond campus, it is only a short bus or taxi ride into Coventry or Leamington, both of which have some good clubs. Kasbah in Coventry and Smack in Leamington are most people’s favourites but there are plenty more to try out and Kelsey’s bar in Leamington is also popular for their ‘eliminator’ cocktail! The UniExpress is also a popular option if you start to get bored of going out to the same places, they operate around 3-4 times a week and often have reps all around campus. They offer transport to and from venues, entry and queue jumps to major nights out in cities such as Birmingham, Nottingham, London, etc.

For those who aren’t tempted by a night out, there are plenty of amazing societies and clubs to be a part of at Warwick and they have quite busy social schedules so I would definitely recommend joining some at the start of the year! I personally go to life drawing sessions ran by Art Soc which I really enjoy but there are other degree related societies, sports societies and random fun ones that offer plenty to do if you’re at a loose end or fed up of revising and studying. There is also circling on Wednesdays (usually followed by POP!) where students from sports clubs and societies get together and play drinking games!

So, all in all, Warwick offers the best of both worlds, you can go out nearly every night if you want to, you can make plenty of friends and have fun without having to go out an drink through events run by societies and sports clubs, through friends you make on your course or you can do a bit of both!

Thanks for reading!


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