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Campus Mysteries

I’ve been at Warwick for six weeks now, and I can happily say that I know my way around campus pretty well, so I have some tips for prospective students potentially joining next year on how to make finding your way around campus easy.

Initially in the first week, finding lecture rooms was a real task. Try to find some people within your course either in your flat, your accommodation block or anyone who’s number you can get during arrivals weekend. That way you can meet up before each lecture, because trust me, you’ll get lost! One amazing thing is the Warwick interactive map, which you can easily find online by googling it. Here you can type in the room number of your lecture/seminar, and it will tell you what building it is in and sometimes the floor also! Once you know the building, you’ll need a normal campus map to help you find that building from wherever you are. I remember getting one of these during arrivals weekend from my residential team, so make sure you hold onto it.

For the first week, I would leave plenty of time before each lecture to get to whichever building and then find the room itself. Do remember to ask members of staff for directions or other students, but there will guaranteed be latecomers due to struggles with figuring out the campus, so don’t worry about being a few minutes late to your first couple lectures. Many of the psychology lectures are in the humanities building and the rooms begin with H, so luckily these can be fairly easy to find once you’re inside. Although, the most difficult place to find at the beginning of the term was the Gibbet Hill campus. I remember seeing a room called GLT1 on my timetable and not being able to figure out where it was at all. It turns out it was at Gibbet Hill, which is a 10-15 minute walk from central campus (rootes grocery store), so for anyone living further away from central campus you’ll need to wake up extra early! There is an easy path to find that leads to Gibbet Hill, which leads from Health Centre Road (by Jack Martin and Bluebell accommodation) and also leads from Rootes accommodation and the Student Union.

Central campus itself is moderately simple to figure out, it might take a few days or even weeks, but soon it’ll feel like your second home. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free shuttle bus which has a fixed timetable available online, but it drives between Gibbet Hill campus, the bus interchange (near student union), the library, the Westwood post room and other places too! I recently had to pick up a printer from the post room although I had no idea where Westwood campus was and I didn’t want to walk for 30 minutes with my printer to my accommodation either… So the shuttle bus was a saviour – it’s easy to use and they even have regular updates on twitter!

If anyone has any questions about the university campus, finding your way around or anything else, please feel free to contact me!


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