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Campus Accommodation Guide

The deadline for accommodation applications is coming up soon so I thought now would be the best time to give you all a little campus accommodation guide. I myself stayed in Jack Martin during my 1st year, so I have already done an in-depth post about why Jack Martin is the best accommodation! So check that out if you’re considering making Jack Martin one of your choices.

Choosing your top accommodation choices is really tricky as there are a number of things you need to consider. Therefore, only take this guide as a starting point – be sure to read up everything about the individual accommodations and take your time to think about it. When I was making my choices, I made a little chart to highlight the key things I needed to know alongside each accommodation e.g. ensuite or not, yearly price etc. I’m going to make this guide really minimal just to help those who need some initial direction. Also, I don’t know everything about all of the accommodations so keep that in mind too!

1. Do you want an ensuite but want to keep costs low?

Central campus – Jack Martin or Arthur Vick

Not central campus – Lakeside or Heronbank

2. Do you want to be in the hub of central campus and have easy access to lectures, the Student Union etc?

Jack Martin, Arthur Vick, Rootes, Whitefields, Bluebell or Tocil

3. Do you want to keep costs low overall?

Central campus – Rootes or Whitefields

Not central campus – Westwood

4. Do you want to live in the best accommodation possible and have a bed bigger than a single?


5. Do you not want to move all of your stuff out over the Easter break? (key for International students or those who live far away from the University)

Bluebell, Claycroft, Heronbank, Lakeside, Redfern, Rootes, Sherbourne, Tocil, Westwood or Whitefields

6. Do you want to share a room with someone else?

Rootes or Sherbourne

7. Do you want to be near the big Tesco at Cannon Park Shopping Centre?

Westwood or Claycroft

You can use those questions just to trigger some thought when it comes to deciding which accommodations you would like to pick as your top choices. Most people do normally get their first choice – if you don’t, you can try to find someone who has the accommodation that you want but they don’t want, and therefore swap. One way that you can do this is via the Warwick Freshers Facebook page – many of these will be made for your current year, so I suggest joining all of them before you come to Warwick! Although I’m sure you’ll all hopefully get your top choice for accommodation, either way you’ll have the best first year ever. Good luck for results day, which is still a while away so enjoy the summer break until then (the summer after A Levels and before starting University was the best summer ever, in my opinion). I’ll speak to you all in my next post.


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