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Calm before the storm!

When I was planning a weekend away with my family and deciding on dates, I didn’t consider university work-load. I only really considered what the weather might be like, if my husband could book the dates off work and the fact that I would have finished my first year at Warwick (or so I thought!). So, I picked my dates (15-18 June) and booked a mini-break to Prestatyn, Wales. In about May, it dawned on me that I needed to submit a 3000 word assignment by 27 June. So, I was taking a weekend break, at a pretty crucial time! However, I was determined that I would do as planned and spend some quality time with my family, with no laptop or books. Plus, I had another 3000 word assignment due by 13 June, so I thought that it would be nice to switch off for a few days after that and recharge the batteries. So, that’s what I did. I packed up the car, left my laptop and books at home, and headed to Wales. I wasn’t sure if I could put the pending 3000 word essay out of my mind and relax, but it was surprisingly easy! The fact that I hadn’t even had chance to make a start on it before the weekend away didn’t ruin my break either. I just switched off and enjoyed some quality family-time, and a break from the books. And, whilst the weather wasn’t scorching, we still went to the beach.

Rhyl beach


Plus, I enjoyed the staple seaside dinner of fish, chips and mushy, on our visit to Llandudno!

fish chips and peas

It was a great break. Definitely well needed, and I was certainly ready for it. However, it was the calm before the storm! When I came back, it was a mammoth task to do a 3000 word assignment in just over a week. I was at Warwick most evenings till midnight or 1am. The positives were – I did get to see the campus rabbits coming out for a midnight feast most nights, the roads were clear, and the campus was quiet. The negatives were – I barely spent an evening with my husband, I didn’t read my daughter a bedtime story for a week, and I was exhausted! However, I completed the assignment, finished my first year and I’ve learned a valuable lesson – I won’t book a weekend away when I have a 3000 word assignment due! 🙂

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