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Bye bye Warwick, see you in a year!

Just two days left at Warwick, results are in and I have just found out that I got a first in my first year of university! Packing is underway, goodbyes are being said, and then that will be it until I return from my year abroad next year. I honestly cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, it seems like just the other day I was writing my first student blog and here I am all finished for the year, about to embark on the most exciting, albeit equally terrifying chapter of my life.

These last few days have actually been very busy, dashing here and there trying to get various year abroad forms signed, sorting accommodation for next year, visa applications…the list is endless! However, we did get a chance to continue with some of those things we promised ourselves we would do before the end of term…


Warwick Castle

Yes, I finally visited the town of Warwick itself and as boating experts (something our trip to Stratford-upon-Avon clearly demonstrated), this involved another boating experience down the River Avon. We had no collisions this time you will be pleased to know and even had a chance to perfect our boating selfies, managing to get Warwick castle perfectly in the background (yes, this did involve numerous attempts and even caused us to momentarily drift into a cordoned off weir).

Nevertheless, Warwick is definitely worth a little visit, even if it is just for a spot of tea at a truly quintessential English tea room…


With over 30 fine loose leaf teas to choose from, as well as a selection of afternoon and cream teas, this quirky tea room was the perfect place to spend the afternoon tasting exotic teas, reading poetry and contemplating life…(you can tell we are humanity students)…


Chinese blooming tea

Another thing that had to be done was a picnic. Armed with a picnic rug, homemade lemon drizzle cake, refreshments and a selection of salami and jam sandwiches (not together thankfully), we settled ourselves down by the river in front of Tocil woods to soak up some of the beautiful sunshine Warwick has been enjoying these last few weeks…I am pleased to inform you that we were only targeted by some hungry geese once and were no longer disturbed after moving to a more tranquil spot…


I think this is definitely one of my favourite spots on campus. Tranquil all year round, it is a perfect place for a walk, run or to simply read a book amongst the ducks and geese who also seem to enjoy it here.


Anyway, enough about the geese and ducks, according to my friends my Instagram is already dominated by them!

Another thing which happened last week was the Warwick Summer Party. From 12pm Sunday afternoon to 4am Monday morning, it was a great opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, rides (even if the one I went on did literally make me sick…I’m just not so great on rides…) and the likes of Foxes, Clean Bandit and Zane Lowe amongst many others…




Warwick Summer Party

In fact these last few weeks have really made me realise how university for me is not just a means to an end, but an incredible once in a life time opportunity and journey which allows you for the first time to really discover and develop your interests whilst offering you the freedom to study and research exactly what it is that you are interested in. This was something I never really thought about before coming to university and something that certainly isn’t always emphasised at school when teachers are drilling into you the importance of university. This past year I have met some incredible people since coming here to Warwick and have made friends that I honestly feel as if I have known for years. I have definitely grown as a person too; I have gained more confidence, independent, and become more involved in university life than I would have ever imagined, whilst academically speaking I feel as though I have flourished and have grown to love my course.

I think university is the perfect stepping stone between school and the real world, especially here at Warwick as it really does feel like you are part of a community which is what I love about the campus…even as a first year, it is almost impossible to walk anywhere without seeing someone you know. Needless to say, saying goodbye to people this week has been sad, especially to some of my friends who were exchange students and some of my course friends and flat mates who are not going away next year, but the following year and who I will now not be at Warwick with again until my forth year!

In a recent interview for a Warwick undergraduate video, someone asked me what I have learned about myself since coming to university. I thought this was quite an interesting question and so I thought I would share my answer with you. I would say since coming to Warwick, I have learnt that in order to fully embrace university life and the opportunities available to me, you have to sometimes step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself to do those things and become actively involved in things in order to further yourself. For example, this time last year I would never have imagined that I would be jetting off to Chile this July to study at a university there, but in less than a month now I will be half-way across the world doing just that!

I suppose what I am trying to say to all those prospective students out there, is that it is alright to be unsure and anxious about university. I know I was. If you are starting in September, don’t stress about it, just think about it as starting a new chapter in your life and grab every opportunity that comes your way!

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