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Bye Bye Exams, Hello Summer

So, exams are over, you’re feeling free and you’ve got a great big summer looming over you. That’s great and all, but the last thing you want to do is waste it. If this situ sounds familiar, take a look at the following ideas to pin up on your #summerinspo board, so you can make use of your precious time off!

1.    Relax

Okay yeah, this is an obvious one, but it is for a reason! You have just frazzled your poor brain with tricky exams and a rest is well deserved! But if you’re going to RELAX relax, make sure you appreciate that you are, in fact, relaxing. By this, I mean actually take the time to slog out in front of the telly to catch up on Love Island but after you’ve helped your mum with the washing and your dad with cleaning the car. In that way, you can switch off without thinking about all those chores you have to get done. However, depleting brain cells is not the only way to relax. Meet up with mates, chill out to music, paint something or read a jolly good book. Whatever you do, have fun!

2.    Get a job

Yikes, this one is a bit different to Idea No. 1 but now is a great time to earn bare p. If you’re going down the work route, I’d advise applying as soon as possible as lots of other people will be doing the same thing. This is a good way to fill your days if you don’t have many holiday plans or if you know how expensive uni. can be (help!) and are looking for that head start. Just don’t blow it all in Fresher’s.

3.    Find an internship

Now this is a good idea if you can find work related to your chosen degree. Not only are you going to spend your summer doing something you’re interested in, it’ll give you a taste for your chosen field so you can see if you have indeed picked the right degree stream for you. Or, if you were torn, you could find an internship to fulfil your other interests, so you won’t mind focusing too much on that one degree at uni. Nice.

4.    Get some work experience

Right, this is rather similar to Idea No. 3 but hear me out. Work experience is a great thing to stick on your CV. It doesn’t matter if you have one great big block of it or whether you manage to shadow many people for shorter periods of time. The most important thing is you learn something and can see how your subject is applied in real life. For example, if you want to be a doctor and realise you actually faint at the sight of blood, perhaps medicine isn’t for you. Better to know now than after you’re £30k in debt!

5.    Go travelling

Yay, this is a good one. Interrailing around Europe is a common thing young people do (omg, will Brexit change this???) where you can travel to a number of countries pretty cheaply by hopping on the train. I’d definitely recommend it as there’s no time like the present! On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with going away with your parents to some nice place or grabbing a train to somewhere picturesque in the UK. Whatever you plan to do, if you have the opportunity, I say TRAVEL! It’s so easy these days with mega cheap plane tickets and low-cost hotels. Think about how tricky it is for adults to get time off work to go on holiday and now think how you have several months off. TRAVEL!!!

6.    Check out a music festival

See Idea No. 5, but replace ‘holiday’ to ‘music festival’. Reading/Leeds was the done thing after GCSEs, but the festival experience is still sought after even as you age… This is especially handy if you’ve got a job (Idea No. 2) (see what I did there), as you can earn some money to cover the costs. There’s usually a festival to suit everyone’s tastes and if their dodgy reputation doesn’t sit well with your parents, maybe ease into it with a day fest.; there are tonnes of them in London.

7.    Research your subject

Some of you cannot stand the idea of switching off for summer as you love hitting the books. FINE. You may as well stop wasting energy complaining about your tan and how well-rested you feel and instead find out more about your subject. Nothing like a head start!

8.    Hit the gym

Unfortunately, one cannot purchase a ‘beach body’ to go. Yes, I am aware that if you want a bikini body, you simply stick on a bikini and sing ‘tada’, but this one goes out to those of you looking to get fit(ter) over summer so you can undo your hard work on takeaway pizzas and garlic bread throughout next term. If the gym is too grim an idea for you, get moving in other ways. Running, dancing, Zumba, swimming and Yoga are all fun ways you can get active and can change up the intensity. Or, if you’re like me and can’t be bothered to plug in the Wii and play Just Dance, stick on your iPod, shut your bedroom door and just throw shapes. The Sugababes are totally underrated and they have some BOPS. So lads, put down the six pack and work on yours.

9.    Volunteer

This one goes out to those of you who possess hearts <3 . If you can spare a few hours, try volunteering at your local charity shop or Old People’s Home or animal shelter. This costs you nothing but your time, however the impact can be monumental. Also, it provides you with another thing to pop on your CV.

10.  Pass your driving test

Driving is hard. Most likely, you won’t be using your car at uni., but I’d definitely recommend getting in some practice now and trying your best to pass so you can get that over and done with. Younger people learn new skills the quickest so now is the time to learn. Plus, if you can drive, it’ll be so much easier to visit your mates without having to rely on your poor parents (who definitely want that glass of wine more than they want to pick you up).

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