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Bye Bye 2019!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long gap between this post and my last one but holiday spirit (and I must confess a little bit of revision) took over and now it’s New Year’s Eve!


I’ll be honest though, my 1 term was so busy and filled with deadlines (literally till the last day) that this break was definitely needed! And the last few weeks has just been packed with catching up with friends, family and of course, lots of Christmas films! (I finally got around to watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and it was so lovely and heart-warming, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it!)


I’m sure we all say this every year but 2019 passed in the blink of an eye and as 2020 fast approaches it’s got me thinking of little changes I can make to my lifestyle to make the most of each day.


When I was younger, I was able to work for hours a day with minimal breaks but now I’ve found, as I get older and the studying becomes more complex, it’s much more beneficial for me to study in smaller quotas. So, one of the first changes I’d like to make is to ensure that my daily goals and aims are more realistic so that each day I can feel more productive and proactive.

I’ve also noticed how studying definitely becomes less dull and monotonous for me if I’ve spread work over a few study sessions which is a definite plus!


Another change I’ve noticed in myself between 1 and 2 year is that it is good to be adaptive and flexible with your routine. Now if you have lots of upcoming tests and exams then this may not be applicable but some of my best moments at Warwick so far have been the unplanned and spontaneous days out and that can only happen if you have a flexible routine. By this, I mean not planning your days to the hour and the second (which I know I am very guilty of) but just giving yourself a rough guide of what you’d like to achieve during the day or the weekend so that if anything unexpected turns up, you can move things around so that you can keep to your schedule but still make time for yourself.


So, those are just a few tips that I’ve started using in recent months to make sure I’m getting my work done to the best of my ability whilst still having time for non-academically related activities. (I know, they sound very simple and obvious but to actually implement these tricks into your daily routine does take a bit of effort and perseverance so stick with it in the new year as 2 term is always much busier than first!)


That’s all for now and see you in 2020!


Simran x

P.S – I actually heard from my brother that it takes 3 weeks to develop a new ‘habit’ so if you find it difficult to stick to your new year resolutions, keep at it as there is evidence that it will become easier!

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