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Bye 2017

It’s the end of term! So happy to be free from 9am’s! This holiday is going to be jammed packed with readings;

Dissertation sample chapter: 15th December.

Reinvention submission 1st January

Reinventing education, education dystopia or utopia 8th January

All of these deadlines are going to eat away at my holidays. But I have taken a week off to myself went out with my friends and visited my other friends at different universities. I highly recommend that you take the time to travel and see your other friends just to experience a different vibe. It’s nice to compare and realise nothing compares to Warwick!

Saying goodbye to my friends for the holidays was so sad simply because it feels more and more real that we won’t see each other that often in the future years. This year, I’ve aimed to focus on strengthening my current friendships, simply because there is a difference of being friends with someone due to your routine of the day in comparison to actually being concerned about someone’s well being.

Essay feedback is due an I am extremely nervous simply because this will be the defining factor I will consider when thinking about my future career and study plans. I’d I do well I think I would like to continue with my education and do a masters that will help me work within the charity sector. Masters courses such as development studies or global development would be beneficial and prepare me for the field I want to work in. However, if I don’t do as well as I hoped for then I will have to reconsider my plans. Either go straight into work or take a year out. My heart says to take a year out and travel, especially volunteering abroad. Warwick has plenty of connections to help you organise your time after you graduate. It’s all in your hands but take the advice and support on offer.

I hope you all have a wonderful break with your family and friends. Recharge your batteries an diet ready for the next term!

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