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But first, ‘What is life?’ – memories of Week 1 in my Fresher Year

Lukasz Kolodziej | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Lukasz

Although it’s been two years since I officially became a student at Warwick, The memories and accompanying emotions at that time are still vivid in my head.

The first week, ‘Welcome Week’ was full of events, meetings, parties and so on. The uncounted number of emails coming through from departments, SU, societies and external organizations were all quite overwhelming and easy to miss important information among this info-stream.

What is perhaps the most memorable experience of that time is the first PH133 lecture, the module known as the Introduction to Philosophy. I had never dealt with philosophy as a field before attending Warwick, so I had quite a few doubts of whether or not I could cope with something that has always been regarded by me as the field for ‘strangers’. It was definitely something new to me and that’s why I felt like I was excited rather than scared. However, it was the first lecture so I assumed it was going to be about expectations, regulations etc. How surprised I was when the lecturer, without even introducing himself, went straight on telling us to close our eyes and imagine that we are in the Ancient Greece. Although his colourful descriptive tone was quite helpful when putting myself into shoes of a man 2000 years ago, I couldn’t find anything ‘philosophical’ in it. However, with every minute everything started making more and more sense and that Introduction to the Ancient Greek philosophy turned out to be one of my best encounters with philosophy, which I still recall with excitement!

Social life!ΣΩΦ

A great advantage of Warwick, I think, is the campus where all freshers live in the residence halls. Trust me – it’s going to be one of your highlights too. I remember countless parties going on every day. Especially, Rootes is quite famous for its social life and this is where I lived during my first year. During your first week, it is not unusual to meet your best friends, with whom you are going to remain close friends after three years, and this truly determines your experience at uni!

The last, but definitely not least, memory I had, later on, become my explanation of what PPE actually is about. I’m guessing it was during week 2 or 3 when the process of embracing the idea of PPE started bringing some visible results. When walking from one lecture to another, I spoke to a new friend from PPE and asked her how her life is going. The response I got was: ‘Let’s start from defining what life actually is!’ – no more words needed. This is what PPE is. PPE is life. But…what is life?

Lukasz Kolodziej | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Lukasz

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