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Busy year, busy summer!

I always feel a little empty when I come to the end of the academic year. I have no exams this year, the last flurry of assignments are in and I feel a bit lost. There is no excuse for not doing a thorough job of the housework, though my feminist self says why should I need an excuse!! The empty feeling will not last long, I want to get up to speed with dissertation reading for the literature review and start thinking about a questionnaire, ready for the first meeting with my supervisor. The reason for getting a head start is that I have lined up a busy summer for myself.

My ‘holiday’s’ are beginning quietly enough, then towards the middle of June the CLL student ambassadors start going out to festivals and events, which I love. Open day for the university is at the end of June and I will be working then too. So a busy June.

I was lucky enough to be chosen for the internship programme, working in CLL for July and August. I will be hindering Kirsty and Michelle on a full time basis rather than merely dropping in to disrupt their day throughout the term. I am really excited about it and stress to all of you who will be at the end of your penultimate year next summer to apply, if the opportunity arises. I shall blog about the experience as I go along so you can follow my ‘progress’, should you wish.

September will be catching up and preparing for starting in October. I am also helping the North Warwickshire Allotment Association (could be Federation?) on the 11th with organising the annual fruit and veg show. A big attraction is that it is held at the local brewery in Ridge Lane. There will be various activities as well as the usual competitions such as ‘biggest marrow’ etc. All proceeds are going to the Hospice, so a good cause will benefit from a fun day. The WI will be running the cake stall too so I shall have several hats on and the beer I shall be drinking will be purely medicinal :)). That said I will probably be driving, so it will be a very refreshing non-alcoholic ginger beer for me.

Just had a quick moment to sample one of Scott’s (my son) dark chocolate chip cookies, still a bit warm but yummy.

Once the term gets started in October there will be a call to students to participate in the CLL’s SSLC (Staff Student Liason Committee). This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard and is for all of the CLL undergraduate students. Take a bit of time to think about becoming a representative. This just involves coming along to meetings to put forward students concerns or even to say how wonderful life is in CLL. The committee will require a new Chair and Secretary. These are not onerous tasks and look great on a CV.

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish everyone good luck with exams or last assignments. Also bon-voyage to all the lovely people I have met this year who will be graduating in July, good luck to you all and hope to catch up sometime.

If you know anyone who is intersted in taking one of our courses please refer them to the open door sessions, as advertised on the CLL web-site.

I shall still be blogging away throughout the summer but happy holidays to you all!


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