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Business Management Modules in BBBM and MBBM

Oorja Kohli | Postgraduate Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management Contact Oorja
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Hello everyone,

I recently completed my fourth and final ‘Business Management’ module for my course Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management and thought of writing a blog about it all as a student with no prior knowledge of business management. I studied Biotechnology for my undergraduate degree like many other people on my course who also did their undergrads in a life science related field. My reason to choose this course was because the business management modules would help me apply my scientific knowledge better. Here are the four modules I did and my thoughts about them:

  • Marketing Management

This was the first module related to business management on the course. Marketing management was a theoretical module with the most interesting lectures because we would study about how marketing, advertising and branding works with real life examples. This was also one of my favourite modules on the course because it always compelled me to be creative and think out of the box, especially for the individual assignment for it. Whether you are from a related field of study or not, this module will be great to study because of its learning outcomes.

  • Accounting and Financial Management

With absolutely no prior knowledge of accounting or financial management, I found this module one of the most challenging modules on the course. But, in saying that, I am glad that I now have concept clarity on some of the most crucial aspects of accounting which would help me later on in life. There was extensive group work for this module where we can to work out some numbers based on concepts we learnt during the lectures. The individual assignment was application based and summed up the entire module beautifully. There were plenty of doubt sessions during and after the module to help us with our doubts on the individual assignment which helped a lot with building fundamental concepts. 1.    Accounting and Financial Management worked as a foundation module for the last two business management modules on the course.

  • Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation

Being one of the most demanding yet amazing modules, entrepreneurship and commercialisation had everything from Kahoot quizzes to Simulations to fun group activities. Even though this module ran completely online, it was so engaging that we as a course bonded a lot during this module. The main group work was based on StratSimManagement which is a Strategic management simulation platform where groups competed against each other. The simulation covered all major aspects of running an automobile industry and after every quarter, it would rank the groups based on their quarterly performance in terms of their finances. The individual assignment for this module compelled us to apply the concepts we learnt throughout the module.

  • Business Strategy

The last business management module, Business Strategy was the perfect end to a great journey. There were case studies, simulations and an essay in this module. The simulation was on the platform Marketplace Simulations. This platform allowed us to experiment with different business strategies in a virtual environment while competing with other businesses. The performance of each quarter would define the market share. The highest market share wins. The case studies and the simulation made this module very interesting and taught us so much about business strategy using real examples of established brands. I am looking forward to the individual assignment of this module.

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these modules as they had so much to offer and were challenging in their own unique ways. Hope you enjoyed this blog and found it as interesting and insightful as I found the modules 😀

Bye 😊

Oorja Kohli | Postgraduate Biotechnology, Bioprocessing & Business Management Contact Oorja
I love to travel and explore, try new cuisines and…
Find out more about me Contact Oorja

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