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Business as usual … but not really

With everything going on right now it feels like everything has been turned upside down and inside out. Everyone’s at home and everything is shut. It seems like everyday there’s a new announcement and it never seems to be the news you want to hear. 

With the current ‘lockdown’ there’s been a surge of amazingly hilarious tiktok and instagram content which I’m sure sums up most of our emotions right now. And as I was spending another day scrolling through my feed I received an email. An email that rudely reminded me that I have an essay due soon. However, as much as my instant reaction was to roll my eyes about it, deep inside I was relieved. As crazy as it sounds, having something to do actually put my mind momentarily at ease because to be completely honest, I’m going crazy sitting at home. 

My days are literally the same, nothing ever changes. I’ve only recently *semi* fixed my sleeping pattern and I genuinely feel as though I’m getting dumber by the second. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting and doing nothing when you’re told you HAVE to.  So I’ve decided to stop. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re starting to get restless if you haven’t already been feeling this way. So let’s change that. I’m not going to tell you to go out for a walk or run like EVERYONE has been saying. I’m going to give you some suggestions  of things that I’ve done that took up the entire day and made me feel *productive*. 

1. Rearrange your room 

This is pretty self explanatory. Change it up! Move your bed about, your drawers your wardrobe. Whatever it is you can move in your room; DO IT. Even if it’s moving the lights or changing the bedding. Do a whole spring clean. As in under the bed and behind the cupboards type deep clean. If your room doesn’t take you long enough… do the bathroom. 

2. Clean out your wardrobe 

This one can be a bit more hit or miss than the last one because I actually left ALOT of the clothes I wear at uni. But I do have all my basics and go to’s as well as my summer wardrobe so rejig whatever you have. Throw away anything old or better yet, revamp it (I’m doing that today). 

3. Shopping / Pinterest 

Now I know this isn’t for everybody but I’ve actually really gotten into online shopping. I literally scroll through Pinterest first to find all of my inspiration; shoes, jewellery, clothes, bags, make up etc then dive deep into the internet to find versions that I want.  I have no money BUT it doesn’t hurt to just add to basket even if I’m not gunna buy. It’s definitely more fun than it sounds but it’s better than scrolling through the same memes all day. 


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