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Building an awesome personal brand

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The word “personal brand” has recently become more and more popular, especially in the world when everything is digitalised where we heavily rely on the internet. Therefore, I decided to sign up for a workshop run by PWC at university about 2 weeks ago. I thought writing a blog about the content I got out of the workshop and the research around this topic I did online may be useful for most of you, whether you are looking for internships/graduate jobs or simply wanting to improve your networking skills in general, so here it is.

What is a personal brand?

We all know what a brand is. But do we all know what a personal brand is and why we should care about having our OWN brands? "Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room", said Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. It consists of two elements- who you are, what you are intrinsically excel in and are interested in; and how you intentionally present yourself to others by certain behaviour and word choice. Your personal brand should embody the value that can be delivered by you constantly to those whom you serve.

Why have a strong personal brand?

When it comes to building social networks and job hunting, it is crucial to manage and maintain your own reputation, both online and in real life. As we all know, employers look up their candidates on social media during the job recruitment process, meanwhile, they probably keep an eye on their current employees outside of work on a daily basis. Hence, it is very important for you to define your own brand as early as possible, because if you do not do that, someone else is going to define your brand for you and that is not we want, right?

How to maintain a strong personal brand?

So with all that said, you are probably thinking “oh sugar, I don’t have a personal brand, that’s possibly why I haven’t secured a job offer yet…” Do not worry! Studies have shown that most of us actually cultivated our personal brands subconsciously without realization. All we have to be concerned about now is whether that personal brand 100% represents how you want to be perceived by others and if so, how you can maintain it. Below are a few steps on how to manage and control your personal brand both online and offline, from how to build your personal brand to how to maintain it:

1. Discover

Yup, finally all those philosophical conversations with our flatmates we have had in the kitchen at midnight are coming in handy. When you enjoy what you do, you naturally excel in doing it as you are more willing to put in more effort even if you may not be essentially gifted in that. However, if you play your strength and apply it to what you enjoy doing, boom, you are unstoppable! The world is yours! (Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic here)

2. Build: Start thinking yourself as a brand

Think of a quick, simple and memorable statement of your identity and what you want to be remembered for. For example, Donald Trump is “the current POTUS, husband, dad and businessman”, Beyonce is “queen of music industry, mother, diva, strong woman, role model” and Mother Teresa is “a devoting Roman Catholic sister, multi-award winner and a giver”. Then, create a list of descriptive modifiers that help clarify those emotional modifiers, telling people about you’re the industry you are working in or career aspiration. Finally, a list of words describing what you do, what service you offer to others and you do to stand out from the crowd.

3. Practise and maintain.

Your behaviour should be compliment with your profile, so it is important that you Then naturally, everything you do will match with your profile.After all, none of us want to be living like programmed robots just so we can fit into the ‘ideal’, ‘perfect’, ‘likeable’ mould the society has been depicting in becoming successful.

That is all I have to say on this topic. Hope you have found it helpful.

Good luck!



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Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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