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‘Bsc Accounting and Finance’- Explained

Usually, in typical small talks, I am inquired about what course I am doing and the most common responses consist of:

”So is it all Math?”

”Accountancy is more boring than watching paint dry…”

Or from prospective students:

”I have not done any business subjects before so I am not sure if it will be fine.”

Hence, the purpose of this blog is demystifying the ‘Bsc Accounting and Finance’ degree and banishing the common myths.

Firstly, it is not all Math. In fact, hardly any direct Mathematics modules. In my first year, the ten modules consisted of a vast array. An Economics Modules, Some Introductory Accounting modules, an introduction to Core Finance, Business Law, an entrepreneurial module and a personality development one. The two other modules were ‘Quantitative Analysis’ and that is the closest direct relation to Mathematics that I can identify with them also being based on Statistics.

The third myth that some students consider not doing this course due to lack of beforehand knowledge in Business subjects. All I can say is that it does not affect your ability to excel in this course due to the excellent training resources provided. There is no denial in the fact that having studied business subjects earlier made a life lot easier for me but that is no pre requisite to succeed for someone who is not shy of working hard and enjoys this subject. However, for A-Levels and IB, Warwick does have only one specific subject requirement and that being Mathematics. This links to my question earlier, so ACF all Math? NO, however, the good knowledge of logic, basic calculus and arithmetical skills are of high importance to possess beforehand. And that is something I feel will be tough to cover all in a ten week term module at University which is why emphasis is placed on having previous knowledge of Mathematics.

Now I will answer the third allegation on Accounting being more boring than the act of watching paint dry. For me, it is all about your passion. Some people will enjoy studying Physics, others delve deep into history or others hone in on Languages. The options are endless at Warwick. However, discussing this ‘Accounting and Finance’ degree, some people fail to notice the ‘Finance’ side of this course. Quite a few people take up roles in Finance rather than Core Accounting through this degree. Although, considering career options are endless in terms of Sales, Business Management, Operations, Consultancy, Banking etc. in the modern UK world irrespective of your degree background. For me, the personally preferred route is a more uncommon yet traditional one of joining Audit in the future and gain the professional ACA qualification.

I hope this blog provided some insight into my course, and if something was missed, I am always happy to answer your queries through comments.

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