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Bring on Easter

Wow, we are finally here! Week 9 of term 2 and Easter is literally around the corner, time has flown by! I hope that everyone at Warwick has had a really enjoyable second term, but I’m sure many people are ready for a relaxing five week long Easter break…..I know I am!

So a lot has been happening at uni lately, the Student Union Elections, Roald Dahl tribute at Curiositea and Mother’s Day! First of all I want to congratulate all of the candidates that have been chosen to run the Student Union and other aspects of university, I am sure that you will all do fantastic work! The promotions for these candidates have been amazing, all over university there is posters, leaflets, banners and if you are a first year then you will have been visited by a number of students promoting themselves or those they represent. Our kitchen is literally covered in posters! In addition, we have all been able to read each of the manifestos of potential candidates and make our own votes. There have been cakes stands, rallies, adverts on facebook and twitter plus meetings with candidates to explain their plans for warwick uni!

In addition to all of this, Curiositea have just had a Roald Dahl themed week in which they made extravagant food and drinks as a tribute to Roald Dahl (I had the most delicious cake called ‘Bruce Bogtrotter’s Enormous Chocolate Cake’- it was absolutely amazing)! This week however they have gone for an Easter theme including Creme Egg milkshakes and Mini Egg hot chocolates so I will most definitely be spending my week here!

Also, many students went home for the weekend or posted some lovely messages online for Mother’s Day! Campus was rather quiet last weekend as I unfortunately wasn’t able to go home this weekend however Easter is next week so I am very excited to see my family then!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous week this week and next! Keep going all uni students because the end is nigh and soon we can all tuck into a large chocolate easter egg and prepare for term 3 exams!

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