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Breaking rumours about university

Hello there!

A happy Easter to you 🙂 – I hope all are having a great holiday!

I have now finished the bulk of my essays, I have a few final touches left then intense revision will begin *woohoo*

Coming to university, there were so many rumours I was worried about, and when I arrived I either found them to be false or not as bad as I expected. So, to help you feel more prepared:

Each lecture is one hour long, whilst you may have some consecutive ones, it really isn’t so bad! I promise you, the hours go really quickly. Also, for me, the lectures are actually shorter than the lessons I had at school! Of course, it does mean I spend my time reading, writing essays and of course, participating in extracurricular.

The courses have so many people you will never be able to get to know your tutors

Oh, how wrong I was… I have been to so many advice and feedback hours and have gotten to know those who teach me!

Ok, logical me should have realised that the whole point of university is to learn, but as it is a completely different experience, you can’t blame anybody for thinking this! My first year was great for preparing me, I learnt how to reference properly (Political Research in the 21st century was particularly helpful for this), and what sort off structure is required. Don’t worry about this, use your first year to make as many mistakes or be as creative as you want, since this is the best way to learn!

lol it’s all about drinking… students don’t really do anything else

I’m not particularly keen on the drinking/nightlife scene, and with the SU sending various emails about all the clubbing events prior starting, this really made me worried! Honestly, I am genuinely grateful for being at such a great university, having made great friends! My flatmates last year were very similar to me as they also weren’t particularly keen on clubbing – boating it is!

There is so much to do on campus as I have mentioned on other posts, sports, societies, and with so many people – trust me, you will meet like-minded people!

So, as a vegetarian and somebody who tries to maintain a healthy diet – this sort off worried me. I guess from a, will I continue eating all those fruits, I love them.. perspective. I heard so many stories (especially on the student room) along the lines of “I ate pizza every day for two weeks” – yes I love pizza, but I also like my morning porridge or rice. Budget well, this really isn’t a problem.

I hope I don’t get homesick, I might miss my Indian food

This sort off goes hand in hand – I was worried about homesickness, but not because of the people (sorry, I promise I do miss you, but just not as much as the food), because of all those traditional Indian meals I love eating! Again, this really wasn’t a problem. Tesco has great meals, and you can cook your own, alternatively, there are so many reasonably priced takeaways – some with British Indian food, others more traditional. I tend to get an Indian meal 2/3 times a term, which is enough for me. I know others who get it more often, which really isn’t a problem combined with some cooking it at home!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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