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Bored of revision?

Revision is the time to make your mind a sponge. You need to soak up all of the information that you have been exposed to this year, how detailed you want that information is up to you, the main thing is to get a broad understanding but have some universal case studies that you can throw into any question that makes you sound that you have a huge bank of knowledge (really you’re just very good at twisting your thoughts to fit the question). Classics exams are usually very broad, there is going to be a question you can answer, just think smart…..

To make your life easier for revision here are some tip tips and habits to pick up to make term 3 as smooth as possible (optimistic, I know):

  • Concentration: Your mind can only work if you are focused, and this saves so much time! If you are focusing, when I mean focusing, I mean Facebook tabs are closed, logged out of whatsapp on your laptop and all you have is you and your notes. Trust me, just for 30 minutes spend this time just to read your notes and understand them. Don’t just memorise, because then you won’t be able to apply your knowledge to all questions.
  • Eat and sleep well: Sleep and food are brain food. Normally I learn my notes in the morning, and then in the afternoon when my brain is slower I make more notes for the next topic, or simply make amendments and add more ideas. Learn how you like to work, and keep changing your routine, make it exciting for you (if that is possible). Make bulk meals so you aren’t spending hours preparing and eating food, yes have a break but it helps.
  • Environment: Keep changing where you work, outside, your home, living room, library or even a cafe. Remeber you need to be comfortable, I always speak out loud when I revise so I need to be home most of the time, but I always change which room I’m sitting in, or even changing the layout of your bedroom makes such a difference. Keep your workspace clean and tidy! Fresh space = fresh mind.
  • MOVE YOUR BODY!: My muscles become so stiff when I’m revising because I’m sitting in a chair all the time, so remember to keep stretching and going for walks. Go for runs, attend gym classes or just dance around the house happy endorphins need to flow through you. I walk around my room when I’m reading, or type on your phone or iPad and walk around. Go for runs to burn the frustration steam! Clean your house, hoover or mop the floor! Sounds tedious, but trust me just simple movements helps just to keep your brain active and blood pumping.
  • Stay organised: checklists, folders, post-it notes are going to be your best friend. Highlighters are not the only tool to get you good grades. Making your notes interesting and forming links between your topics is important to make your notes much more manageable. Split your notes into chunks, what I normally do is rewrite my notes in more condensed forms. For example, if I have an a3 piece of paper covering one topic, I move onto an a4 piece and reduce the number of words but ensure I have covered the vital points and included keywords, then I put it all on little revision cards. Make your revision easy and small, then it seems less intimidating.

Hope this helps!

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