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Booked and Busy!

So today as I was scrolling for some inspiration on what to write about, I came across a post on offer holder days by a fellow student blogger Samantha Holden ( please do go read her post for some extra information on those days) and it got me thinking about my own experiences. Spoiler alert; there are none. 

Last year I had 4 offers including two unconditional offers  and attended a grand total of 0 offer holder days. Now, if I’m honest there were just a series of misfortunate events surrounding the reasons why I didn’t go to any which ranged from not actually wanting to go to a particular university, not having the money to pay for a train ticket and often times because of school.  I will address each of these things individually, and how you can get around it or alternatives to offer holder days that’ll give you some reassurance in your choices. 

Firstly; not wanting to go to the university. Well my first piece of advice would be try not to apply in the first place to anywhere you have no intention going but this is a bit redundant to you now that you have the offer. I would say list out the pros and cons about this University, really consider whether you definitely don’t want to go there or if it’s just because you have your heart set elsewhere. Now being at Warwick I am extremely happy but this was actually one of the Universities I put on my list last minute because I had the grades and didn’t need to do the LNAT. So I did have very little motivation to visit the place and thought an offer holder day wouldn’t do me any good either. So tip numero uno would be to open up your mind to possibilities. If you are not going to the open day, at least do research on the Uni, find out what its like from people who did go, because the minute you close off your mind you could be blocking your own blessings. 

Secondly; Money, Money, Money. When all of the offer holder days invites were going out I was broke broke. Even with reimbursements I couldn’t even buy the ticket in the first place to get reimbursed, my parents were busy and couldn’t drive me and so I had to just make do with the circumstances. I would say for you at this point, plan ahead. There are days in March and April and so talk to your parents now, see if they can get time off work or start saving an extra £20 a week until April because some of these journey’s aren’t cheap. International students, I can only imagine the struggle that it must be to fly over here, but the same principles apply, plan ahead. I did not, and ended up watching the open days via snapchat. 

Finally; School! I did the IB as I have mentioned in earlier posts, but the vast majority of the country does A-levels, which means as inconvenient and unfortunate as it is, Universities often plan around an A-level timetable. This meant that 3/4 of the offer holder days I was invited to clashed with either a) a speaking exam or  b) a coursework deadline. Now when you consider that I did two languages and English which all had speaking exams around that time, plus every subject I did had coursework, I’m sure you could understand how I felt that taking 4-6 days out of school was completely out of the question ( some places I would have had to sleep over).  This, to an extent goes back to the idea that you should definitely plan ahead with these things to potentially make time for it. However, this point was to specifically illustrate how sometimes you just can’t attend the day and it is not a problem at all. 

I want to say that firstly, because you’re even here reading this article lets me know that you are engaging with the University to some extent. Not Universities may have a platform like this but if they do definitely get involved. Find out what’s going on at they University, not just in your department but across campus, extra curricular etc. Ask questions, email the admissions team or students you know go to that university. The best thing to do when you can’t get to an open day is to make google your best friend, google and YouTube. There’s an increasing amount of university youtubers who will tell you as plain as day all the good and the bad of the university, the accommodation tours, social life and academic life. 

I promise you it is not the end of the world, if you can’t make it. I never did and I still feel like I choose the best option for myself by doing all of the things I’m telling you to do. Like I said earlier, read the article by Samantha to find out what goes on, and if you can’t make it, head onto YouTube and binge watch the amazing content our first, second and third years are making to see what it’s really like here.  To keep up on campus events I’d recommend following Warwick on Instagram but ultimately, when it comes to making the final decision; TRUST YOUR GUT! 




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