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Boating, sunshine and the Warwickshire countryside

Exams are over, the sun is shining and I have officially completed my first year of university!

Yes, as of Monday, I have officially finished exams meaning I have successfully survived my first year of university! It is amazing to think how fast this year has gone and before I begin to reflect back on those first few weeks (something I promise I will do) and offer what I hope to be some sound advice to all those prospective students out there, I thought I would give you a little insight into what I’ve been getting up to now that the sun is shining and that exam season vibe is beginning to fade away behind the overwhelming sense of relief and excitement for the remaining few weeks of term that seems to be infectiously spreading across campus.

It’s fair to say that even as a first year; exam season can be a tad stressful. As you have probably gathered from my last few posts, noise (something that is inevitable when living in halls wherever you may be, but something supposedly ‘part of the experience’) and insomnia (another thing I struggle with when stressed) meant that I found myself popping back home quite frequently during term three. Luckily for me, it only takes me a few hours to get home, and with my brother working and commuting to and from Nottingham once a week, I can easily get a lift home with him. Sometimes it’s just nice to have those home comforts when you’re studying hard, and if this is something that works for you, there’s nothing wrong in going home every now and them. Having said that, although I personally seem to be able to work better there, lots of my friends actually find there are more distractions when working at home, and therefore hardly went home at all this term. Everyone is different and the important this is just to do what is right for you.

Anyway, enough about exams and onto summer!

As I live on Epsom Downs, right next to racecourse whilst I was home last weekend, the Epsom Derby was a day out I simply couldn’t miss out on… 

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Ice cream…(a post-exam necessity)…I don’t even know how I managed this, I clearly have more strengh than I thought having managed to completely crush this ice-cream cone in my hand…

10413919_775224129175315_1118846394_n.jpgTaking a moment to just stop and relax in the sun with my pal at home before returning to Warwick…#crazycatlady

10175102_277115559135557_1176939404_n.jpgWhilst as summer approaches, there are many exciting things happening daily around campus, is important to take a bit of time for yourself to de-stress even if you are still battling through exams. Even on campus, there are some beautiful spots where you can just take a book and sit by the lake and enjoy the tranquillity of the beautiful surroundings, lakes and of course ducks.

Visiting a friend of my dad’s pig farm…don’t ask…these Italians!!

10268747_668987396501156_1929718725_n.jpgSo adorable

Having now finished the academic side of things this year, it really dawned on me the other day just how little I have seen of Warwickshire. I mean, I haven’t actually visited many of those iconic places which often seem to come into conversation when telling people that I go to the University of Warwick. For example, Warwick Castle…yes I shamefully have to admit that I haven’t seen it yet or even Warwick for that matter!! Ok, I have been through Warwick on the bus, but have never actually taken the time to wonder around the beautiful and quaint town itself. As you probably know, for some bizarre reason, the University of Warwick isn’t actually in Warwick at all, but Coventry! So now that there are absolutely no excuses, yesterday we decided to venture to the first place on our to-do list; Stratford upon Avon, most commonly known as the birthplace of Shakespeare…


Boating on the River Avon…(you will be pleased to know we only crashed once)…


…making friends with some sheep…

The countryside around the university’s campus is stunning; perfect for walks and enjoying the freedom from exams!

And finally, a few weeks ago in the midst of exams, I received my confirmation letter from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile…


…yes they accepted me, meaning this is definitely happening! Come the end of July, I will be an international student, living and studying in Chile!!

For anyone still struggling through exams, it’s not long now…just think of summer and how all the hard work will be worth it in the end!

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