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Why you should write for Boar SciTech

After having written for Boar SciTech for a year, I am writing this blog to share with you all why you should too! Whilst there are some great benefits of writing for The Boar in general, as a chemist I am allowed to particularly have an affinity for the SciTech section. So why should you consider becoming one of the authors?


Share scientific knowledge with the public

There is a lot being found every day and it is the perfect way to celebrate a new discovery be it potential treatment for cancer or another way to synthesise biodegradable plastics.


Learn about the research taking place at Warwick

Through press releases, I have learnt a lot more about the research carried out by academics in my department as well as the general research done by the medicine, biology and physics department. I have mostly written press releases for SciTech but I do find that I really enjoy writing them.


Improve your scientific writing skills.

Whilst this shouldn’t mean that you must write all super serious sciency articles (like I often do), it is an option and you are more than welcome to try the style. I am, on the other hand, practicing my ability to write more chatty and engaging pieces that do not read so formal.


A career in science communication

Writing for SciTech would be very useful experience. This is a field that is becoming increasingly important because technical research papers fail to explain to the general members of the public the applicability and importance of the findings. Even if you are only interested in communication, writing for a range of sections will only improve your confidence and your flexibility.


Try out a different section

I’m proud to have written for Finance and Books. As a chemistry student with a comfort zone in the science world, writing for Finance was very scary. Perhaps it may be just the reason why I still go back and read my first article I wrote for them just to feel good.


Anybody can do science – so do it!

I am not too keen on ranking degrees or judging the difficulty of different subjects. I only chose chemistry because I like it, but I explore different fields, nevertheless. Similarly, you don’t have to only look at demand and supply curves whilst you’re studying for your degree. Writing for SciTech may just be an exciting online adventure.


A perfect excuse to read papers from different subject fields.

Yes, I do this. I love reading papers be it from the medicine department, chemistry, biology or any other. But I must admit, the astronomy papers never make sense and I don’t bother any more. The Warwick library proxy gives access to most papers I come across so why not get all the benefits while we are all here at Warwick?


Science affects so many sectors and is affected by so many, everyone should take interest.

Not only do we need science to tackle problems, but also need the support of governments and businesses, and individuals (!!) in helping us to make our lab findings into real life policies and solutions to many of the problems we face in society. For example, with plastics, it isn’t polymers that are the problem rather their ill management and ill-use and this requires just as much action through public policy (and initiative by individuals) as it requires research into more environmentally-friendly plastics. There needs to be momentum in the world of science as well as in other fields and through SciTech you get to share your own opinions and put forward your own perspective.


Use it to raise awareness of issues you feel personally about;

Plastic pollution, climate change, Brexit, the rise of AI – this is the perfect section to put forward a technical case whatever your opinion. I always try to shove in a line about public policy in my articles when discussing anything or the economic costs of the challenges being faced in society. In this way, I share not only the science but what I consider are both the consequences and the potential solutions.


Finally, this is what Marta Zima, the editor of the Science and Technology section at The Boar has to say:

“Getting involved in writing for fun instead of just for your degree is one of the best things you can do whilst at university. When it comes to science and technology, it is an exciting world that is constantly changing and developing, and these changes will affect everyone in some way or another. SciTech covers such a broad range of topics and there really is something for everyone. No one is expecting you to be an expert in the topic you write about, or to even study a science degree, it’s simply an opportunity to do some extra-curricular research about something you may find interesting and share exciting news and scientific advancements with people who may not have otherwise heard about them!”


So, if you’ve been fully convinced, then well, Marta has provided a great resource so you don’t have to work too hard to get hold of SciTech. Use the information provided on the header below!

…and if I’ve missed something in my post that has left you dissatisfied, feel free to ask me any questions below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I can only say that all lovers of SciTech are eagerly waiting to see more people joining the family!

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