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Blooming marvellous!

As I enter my penultimate month as an undergraduate student, I can’t help  wonder whether I would still be feeling this way if circumstances were more “normal”.  But they aren’t.  We are 7 weeks into lock down, I think.  Well, it has been seven weeks since I started  PE with Joe Wicks every morning.  Assignment deadlines were pushed back and the graduation ceremony cancelled until 2021.

My fear is that after four years of my life being dominated by studying, without the routine and deadlines, I may become discombobulated and unfocused.  So, how can I incorporate healthy new habits to help me move towards my new goals?   I am sure I have managed with the social isolation scenario better because I have had my academic work to focus on.   Since lockdown, I created a new routine with more regular exercise to ensure my physical and mental health is well-balanced  to counteract the increased coffee and croissant consumption and I include regular “happy chatter” times with inspiring, uplifting friends.  In fact, I don’t think I have ever been in such regular contact with friends and family as I am now.

I am infusing my weeks with more fun, such as zoom playdates with friends, which is made more amusing thanks to Cards Against Humanity releasing a printable FREE Family Edition.  I have also decided to invest my time wisely by reading all the coaching books I borrowed from the library for my research.  But thanks to the library being closed, I actually get to keep them for longer and read them at my leisure now!  Yes, I am a MASSIVE nerd and I am not ashamed of it.  I know that if I want to achieve my goals I have to take action towards them.  I will do this by studying coaching and positive psychology so I can be prepared for when I start my Masters course in September.  I also want to be more creative, learn new skills like how to start an online business… and I love languages, so I thought I would learn Italian.  As I still only have the usual 24 hours in an Earthling’s day, I will devote these to creating

that I am more likely to enjoy and thus stick to.  I am even attempting to grow vegetables from seeds, which is a steep learning curve.

So, even though I cannot control what is going on around me, I am doing what I can to ensure I am  making the most of these moments and creating happy lockdown memories wherever I can xXx

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