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Hi everyone my name is Mel I am now a third year at the University of Warwick… wow how time flies! I chose to study at Warwick because of the amazing opportunities available at this university, as well as the reputation for its teaching within the Sociology department. I fell in the love with the subject during my years at college, as I found the ability to analyse the structures and subcultures of society compelling. In addition, I was captured by the variety of modules available for study.

My other interests besides Sociology are sports and volunteering. I have always been a big sporty girl since I was young and found my passion within Netball! Having been at the university for nearly three years now, I have been a part of Warwick Women’s Netball and also been to Warwick Mixed Netball, I just live and breathe netball haha but I love it. I also volunteer for Warwick Volunteers and this year I am a Project Leader, which I enjoy because I get to co-organise activity sessions and hopefully make a positive impact 🙂

I also have an undying love for films, if I am not at home watching a movie, I will probably be at the cinema watching one there instead. But no movie is complete until you have acquired mounds of food to go with it (another love in my life).

My blog is going to be about my experiences living here on campus as well as keeping you all updated on the must go to events so that if you are accepted at university you’ll know which ones are the most popular. I will also keep you informed about my progress on the Sociology course and the interesting topics that I will study. If you have any questions about university whether you are a student or not just email me and I will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Love Mel xxxx

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