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Maya Surprenant

Biomedical Science with Industrial Placement

Hi there! My name is Maya and I am now a Third Year International student studying Biomedical Sciences here at Warwick!
Welcome to my blog/vlog series, Just the Uni Life!

I have been told that I am quite a talkative person, so the majority of my posts will most likely be in the form of a vlog! I post parallel on Youtube as well, so you can find all of my videos to come there 🙂

My content will be varied. I will focus a lot on the School of Life Sciences experience, as well as what it’s like being international and coping with the different environments.
Keeping up with on-campus and off-campus accommodation, applications, workload, social interactions, and all of the aspects that make up the Uni life! I can’t wait to share all of this and more with you 🙂

Also, please please please ask me questions!!! I will get you answers, and make sure that you are as informed about any topics as possible 🙂

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