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Hey, I’m Mark Hurdley, your new statistics blogger. I think as my first post it’s probably best that I introduce myself. I am a second year MORSE student and I feel very fortunate that I get to be the person that introduces the statistics department and related degrees to you. This really is a great university and great department. When you walk through it there are posters advertising the research of your lecturers. The one that always stands out to me is the Oxford-Warwick joint statistics doctorate OxWaSP, you see your lecturers work and just how it is applied, truly inspiring!

Anyway about me! I’m originally from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. So naturally my accent is impossible for people to understand and I get inquisitive looks even from my flat mates that I’ve lived with since the first week of freshers; although some of them have started saying tea instead of dinner and are starting to miss out their ts! Fortunately I have a friend from home on my course who keeps me sane and we can communicate without hand signals and repeating everything. With such a large intake onto statistics degrees, you’re going to make some great friends. I feel very fortunate to have made the friends that I have and I am looking forward to living in a mainly MORSE house next year!

More about me, in my time away from university I work in a secondary school tutoring and I take my own lessons. The results that the students have had has been fantastic. I received four cards thanking me and when I got a phone call telling me my students got their grades was such a fulfilling experience. I’d really recommend to anyone if you can to volunteer at a school and to give something back, especially if there’s a struggling school in your area.

What do I like to do? First of all I love being with my friends, the ones I mentioned earlier and our larger friend group as a whole. As we live in Leamington in our second year, there’s a lot of places for us to hang out and have a quiet drink. The local Wetherspoons we refer to as our home and I am a little bit of a frequenter of Viallis – the local fast food place. I also am really political and if we aren’t debating policy then we aren’t doing it right. This naturally leads into my love of reading and politics. If I’m not delving into some political theory I feel like I’m not doing something right. This is why I regularly write for the Boar Comment section (The Boar is our student’s newspaper; available on Android!) In my spare time I swim regular and I guess now I will write these blogs!

So yeah if you want to follow my blog. I will give you a real insight into what you can expect here at Warwick. A strange mix between the bubble and Leamington. I love it and I’m sure you would. Please feel free to comment on my articles and I will do my best to get back in touch with you.

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