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Manya Kalia

International Management

Hey guys! My name is Manya and I’m a second year student studying International Management at the Warwick Business School. Born and raised in India, where the temperature soars up to 40°C, I am quite surprised as to how I’ve made it this far in UK’s unpredictable, cold, rainy weather!

Like most people you’ve met before, I want to travel the world. Other than that, my interests include writing, volunteering and making a difference to the world in whatever little way possible.

When I am not studying, you will either catch me netflixing, blasting music in my room and mouthing the lyrics because i cannot sing sing to save my soul.

I will be as authentic, concise and relatable as possible and will hopefully give you a taste about what its like to be a Warwick Student through my posts about exciting events, societies, lectures, socials, coursework and student life in general. Further, I will also try my best to give you advice about different modules on my course, as I progress in my studies.

If you have any questions about my blog posts, or my course, or just need someone to complain about student life with, I’ll be more than happy to help!!

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful day x

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