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Laeticia Junanto

Mathematics (MMath) with Study in Europe


I’m Laeticia, a fourth year Maths student. I’m a member of WMS, CMD and Mixed Hockey, although I can probably be found in the SU dipping into an Arabic or line dancing lesson (might as well make the most of my final year!).

Last year I studied Maths at the Sorbonne in Paris and am keeping up my French with a French for Business module. I also spent the summer doing and S&T internship in the city and look forward to continuing in Sales on the grad program in September.

It can be really daunting moving from school to uni where suddenly everything isn’t quite as ‘spelt-out’! I hope my blog can help demystify uni life and I look forward to sharing posts throughout my final year.

Any questions, just ask! 🙂

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