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Isabel Quah

Language, Culture and Communication

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you, I’m Isabel, a current final year undergraduate student studying Language, Culture and Communication under the Centre for Applied Linguistics department. Being a creative individual, I have always found my strengths and interests lying in the humanities and social sciences field, hence what attracted me to my area of study was the use of language and communication within media and society. In addition to my academic interests I enjoy singing, which I managed to pursue as a part of a performance society, figure skating and spending time with friends, especially during times of much needed stress relief.

As I am Malaysian, half Filipino- one of the biggest things that attracted me to Warwick was the diversity of the students on campus, and all the amazing opportunities, societies and facilities the university has to offer. From getting involved in societies, learning the unique quirks and traditions of being a Warwick student (POP, the notorious purple, chicken inferno, navigating around geese droppings on a daily basis, to name a few). As a finalist, I have learned the importance of time management, being balanced, and even prospective plans for my future and career.

My blog posts will document my experiences, and provide potential tips that helped me transition into the the university lifestyle, as well as provide information about Warwick as a whole and the department I am affiliated with.

I hope you all will enjoy reading my posts as you follow me through my journey at Warwick!

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