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Graham Ricketts

Social Studies

I am lucky to be retired and I am enjoying life to full.

My background has always been in Banking and Finance, but along this long journey my hobbies have remained with me. These included all aspects of listening and playing music (guitar and drums/keyboards to a lesser degree). My interest in music has allowed me to be a presenter on a local community radio station where I have my own show. With regarding to voluntary work I volunteer with around 8 organisations with varying roles.

I have found that volunteering gives to organisation help and support which is much needed. It also helps the individual gain confidence and explore new ventures and is very social.

I like many people these days suffered and struggled with depression and anxiety due the fact that I was bullied at work and at the same time my son was sent to Afghanistan on a bomb detection unit.

I attended a course through the mental health charity MIND to allowed me to understand and cope with how I was feeling. This course and support changed my life. Moving forward I now teach this course and I am able to help and support people who “want to get their old selves back”.

You’re never too old to start something new and challenging like University or to recover from anxiety/low self-esteem.

Be strong

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