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Fiona Jackson


Hi guys,

I’m Fiona, I am in my second year studying for a BSc in Chemistry here at Warwick, and I am truly loving it!

I will be writing all about my life at Warwick; studying Chemistry and all the wonderful pain that it brings, the wild social side that all Warwick stereotypes seem to ignore and why this university is such a fabulous place to spend your last few years of avoiding the real world!

Hopefully, being a wise and hardened second year I will be able to offer some advice and guidance on common uni-related matters too, as I am more than aware of how the excitement of starting university can be overwhelming. It does not feel that long ago that I was meticulously picking at the syntax of my personal statement, so when you get told to ‘make the most of it’ and that ‘the years will fly by’ (trust me, you will, probably accompanied with long nostalgia-seeped stories!) it’s, unfortunately, no joke.

Enjoy reading, and feel free to drop me any questions you have. Preferably university related…but if you want to know how long it would take you to get to the other side of the Earth if you dug a tunnel straight through it and jumped in, I could help you there too!

Love Fiona x

PS: 42 minutes and 12 seconds.

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