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Emiliya Puhachova

Mathematics and Economics

Hi everyone,

I’m Emilia from Belarus and, being an International Foundation Course student, I’m going to share my own experience of living and studying in an English university environment. My initial interest in Economics and a desire to become a financial analyst led me to study Mathematics and Economics this year in the University of Warwick.

As a child I used to do various sport disciplines. But since eight I have been sailing professionally. As a member of the national sailing team since the age of eleven I went to international competitions, namely European and World Championships where I met people of different cultures and nationalities. I have been twelve-time medallist at the Republican Championships. And next year I’m planning to join Warwick Sailing.

I was always addicted to fashion photography, so began attending Belarus Fashion Week, at which I was offered a place in the fashion e-journal as journalist and podium photographer. I have written fashion-related articles and interviewed Belarusian celebrities.

I will try to examine on-campus life from the different prospective in order give you the whole image of an actual Warwick life, with its variety of off-class events and activities to overcome any possible study challenges!

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