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Charlotte Taylor

Maths and Computer Science

Hello, my name’s Charlotte.

I’m currently a third year Discrete Mathematics student- that’s Maths and Computer Science before you crack out the “is that maths you can’t see?” jokes- so my home department is Computer Science, though I’ve had some experience with the Maths department through my first and second years.

As soon as I started at Warwick I joined the Mixed Netball club, and as an avid member a lot of my free time during terms has been spent with them, though I have a variety of other hobbies that I’m sure will come up during the year.

I’m hoping my blogs can be honest and open, with genuine advice for any prospective students who might need it, and I hope my experiences will give a valuable insight into not only life at Warwick, but also a taste of what university is like in general.

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