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Alison Conway

Social Studies

Hello, my name is Alison (and I will happily answer to Al, Ali, or Alison),

I live in Solihull and work full-time nearby. I have a daughter who went to Coventry University, and a son who has just gone (Sept-16) to the University of Leeds.

Now that I have time on my hands I decided I should do something about revisiting my own education. Due to a combination of family circumstances and poor A’ Level results I didn’t go to University, something which has been a lifelong regret. During my working years, I have obtained the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Certificate and Diploma whilst working in Marketing, and a Certified Netware Administrator (CAN) accreditation whilst working in IT Support, but I have always felt that I missed out on obtaining a degree.

I am currently on the Gateway to HE: Social Studies course. My aim is to complete this and go on to do a degree in Social Studies. I think it will be hard work, but an enjoyable experience nonetheless. I feel the degree will be an immeasurable source of satisfaction in finally being able to do it, with the added benefit that it can only enhance my working life too.

My blog will be about my academic journey at the University of Warwick, what it is like to study here as a mature student, and details of my course too.

I would say if you are considering the Gateway course, come along to an Event, read the Student blogs, watch the videos, and hopefully it will inspire you to join up too, as it did for me.

My personal interests include meals with friends, reading, love of animals particularly horses, dogs, and cats, although as a parent, I have looked after several small furry rodents of varying forms over the years too.

If you have any questions just message me, I will happily answer anything at all.

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