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Shayni Solanki
Shayni Solanki | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology Contact Shayni

Yet again, the western justice system has failed its citizens by enabling racist police officers to terrorise unarmed black men and women. George Floyd was a 46 year old African-American man when his life was unlawfully stolen from him. Police officer Derek Chauvin brutally murdered Floyd by kneeling on his neck for over 5 minutes thereby resulting in his death on Monday. Four police officers involved in the murder were fired the same day but they have yet to be placed in prison. A few weeks ago, on the 5th of March, white Americans gathered at Huntington Beach to protest wearing masks in the middle of a global pandemic; these protestors were fully armed face to face with police officers yet no blood was shed. When people rallied together to seek justice for the black lives lost on so called ‘American soil’, police officers responded with tear gas in addition to attacking people. This should not be ignored or overlooked. It doesn’t need to be explained either because you all know the reasons why these two protests were treated differently.


Black lives matter. Belly Mujinga was a 47 year old railway worker in the UK who died on April the 5th this year. She was assaulted and spat on by a man who was aware that he had contracted Covid-19 which resulted in her death. The British Transport Police have shown their stance lately as they have ruled that there was no evidence of spitting therefore the case is being dismissed and the 57 year old man who killed Belly will roam free. Belly was forced to work despite her requests not to, and was also working without any form of protection. Most people made to work during this pandemic are being provided with protective gear to avoid these sorts of things. We will seek justice for her and her family. The UK justice system is not exempt from the criticism that we apply to the US as this country is also inherently racist. The UK continues to fund Madeleine McCann’s disappearance over 10 years later but will close the Mujinga case. This is one of many examples of injustice which will not be overlooked.


Black lives matter, they always have and they always will, however this is not the time to be silent. In an age of apparent ‘progression’ we seem to lack basic understanding of human rights. Whether you are black, white or a person of colour, you know this is far more than wrong. This is not the time to be silent or neutral, people are losing their lives. If you are not black you won’t understand, and you never will understand what it would feel like to leave your house everyday with the lingering fear that you will not return due to the colour of your skin. This is a time of revolution, you need to use the voice you have to make an impact as much as you can. There are plenty of petitions to sign, places to donate to and resources to spread awareness. If you are choosing to ignore this you are a part of the problem. Your black friends, your black family, your black partners and children are all at risk yet you have no stance?


Black Lives Matter. There are many ways an individual can help, it doesn’t take much but compassion. You can simply repost awareness, attend rallies safely, or sign petitions and donate. You need to protect and shield your black friends as much as you can. Enough black lives have been lost for things to not change. If you’ve ever lost a friend, you need to speak up. Rest in peace to all of my fallen friends and loved ones. If you are ever in the situation where you are discriminated against on campus, the university has provided assistance to hopefully seek the justice you deserve.

Below is a comprehensive link to the Black Lives Matter page including many ways that you can help support the movement. Whether you wish to sign petitions, donate or simply spread awareness, this link will help in all ways possible. We are not all able to protest safely so you can do your best to support in other ways:


Shayni Solanki
Shayni Solanki | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology Contact Shayni

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