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Bits and Bobs and Bird Flu

It has been good to see some sunshine this weekend and feel the warmth of its rays, well a little bit more than in the middle of January.

Those of you that have read my blog in the past know we keep some chickens on our allotment at the back of the house. If I move over slightly I can see them in their coop. Fortunately they have a very large coop/run area as they have been in all winter due to the migrating birds carrying flu. We have had to make some amendments to ensure the small birds cannot get in to them and we have added an extension for the duck’s water bowl. It is important they have water to wash with, and to lubricate their eyes as they do not blink. Roll on the end of February when, hopefully, they will be allowed out again. Touch wood all are well and don’t seem to be minding the enforced internment but as the weather warms up that could change, especially when they see new growth and want to get out and eat it.

Things have been busy with deadlines to meet and the dissertation to work on. There are so many interesting things to go along to or get involved with at University, just not enough time to do it all.

I look after my small Grandson on Mondays. By far the most exhausting day of the week! I think this is because, as a grandparent, he commands my attention and involvement more than my children did. That is not to say I ignored them, they may want to differ, but you have so many other things to do, such as housework, work etc. Grandchildren are blissful in as much as you can get the best of the day with them and go home, put your feet up and have an uninterrupted cuppa or what ever takes your fancy!

Next blog will be more about the student aspect of my life. We have an SSLC meeting coming up next month and a few other things.

Have a good month.

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