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Birmingham Christmas Market

Hey everyone!

Last year I wrote a blog post on Christmas on campus, mentioning all the cool things that happened (PAIS Christmas party, the tree in the library, Christmas meals at Xananas, etc)

Living off-campus this year meant I could explore other areas during this festive period; Leamington, Coventry and Birmingham!

Last weekend, I visited the Birmingham Christmas Market with my flatmate from last year, which was fab.

The market and shopping centre is right near New Street Station, which takes about 20/30 mins from Coventry. The trains are extremely frequent (one every 10/15 mins) so we bought our tickets last minute. They are approx £3.50 during the day, and around £2.85 in the evening, so definitely worth going if you have the time!

The market was fab but super busy (not a good idea going on a Saturday!) so rather difficult to get a good photo:



Living off-campus really gives you an opportunity to explore other local areas so definitely make use of the year or two you are living out!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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