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Who are Biosoc and what do they do?

We are the society, mainly for biologists but anyone can join. We have a sports team, run regular socials and have set up a mentoring program to help first years get the hang of pesky lab reports.

Sports Team

This year we have a netball team combined with Chemsoc, we play most saturday and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t played before everyone is welcome! It’s not too late to get involved just join this group for more information:

February marked our annual spring ball at the Pump rooms. It makes such a change seeing everyone out of their lab coats and all dressed up. There was a DJ and an after party with an added Salsa performance. Big Band accompanied dinner with a treat of candyfloss and popcorn for supper. It truly was a magical night!


Every term we have a Kasbah social and we have recently started cirlcing. Our next one is week 8 ( and we pride ourselves in not being overly pushy. We don’t even care if there is any LOE (lack of effort for non circle goers). It is in bar fusion and led by our president and social sec. We even have an upcoming bar crawl (I’ve heard week 9 but it is yet to be confirmed) ending in Luvbug with a FREE drink and FREE entry! More details to follow.

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