Finally, the weekend I have been waiting for has arrived! The endless nights, muscle pain and time spent with the Warwick Bhangra Society has been worth it because we came 3rd place in the Capital Bhangra competition in London. It was an incredible improvement for the team, since last year, we, unfortunately, came last. One of my team members won best male dancer for the night! Which was an amazing achievement and we are so proud of him! Well, Done Jeevan! Being involved in a dance team is a lot of fun, but competing in a competition is a different thing altogether. there are times where you can become irritated with other team members, your self-esteem is in constant flux and your tired, hungry and you also are stressing about other things. But! That doesn’t mean that they override the fact you make friends for life and you develop as a person in your own way.

Work wise, I’m so behind! I have my evenings back, I can go out again! 2 essays to plough through in 1 week and a couple days. Anything is possible! Greek has been suffering, but the best thing is Clive has noticed that I have dipped in my progress, I’m still achieving a first, but not as high as I did in previous weeks. he arranged a meeting to discuss what was happening and tried to provide solutions. Having a tutor caring about your progress that much is incredible and very rare, and I appreciated it. yes, it can be annoying someone breathing on your neck to do you work, but without that, I wouldn’t be getting my first. Soooooo, nothing to complain about.

Philosophy essay is due in next week, 0 words, 0 reading……..HELP! But I’ll somehow do it. Just need to focus, and ask plenty of questions. RCS essay is also due on the same day! Anything is possible right! Toast to sleepless nights and heavy eye bags!

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