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Best things to do in your revision break!

So, exam season is very much upon us. The revision grind is well and truly on now. We long for the summer and crave a cheeky beer or 10, but for now, we are locked in our rooms away from any remanence of fun. However, working non-stop for 10 hours straight is not a good idea (if you haven’t heard this before, you’re welcome) so breaks are essential to maintain your sanity. But what are the best things to do in your breaks? Here a few ones I have used in the past that I have found work for me!

Getting a snack/drink

This is one I know a lot of people do. You might not be hungry or thirsty, but the act of getting out of your chair and having a new environment is often extremely helpful in breaking up long periods of revision. Some people also use it as an incentive, “when I finish, I get a chocolate bar” or “5 more pages and I’ll get a can of coke” to motivate them through the duller parts of revision. This one is very simple but very effective!

(shorter) Netflix episodes

One which requires a certain level of self-control, and the right series. This is one I’ve been doing recently, and my series of choice is Bojack Horseman. This is because the episodes are around 20 minutes and the episodes are all linked together, which makes it easier to not want to continue watching another episode. It is a good break as you fully switch off mentally whilst you watch it, enabling your brain to fully take in all those notes you’ve just attempted to cram in over 45 minutes. If you are the kind of person who is easily distracted however, DO NOT DO THIS. IT WILL LEAD TO YOUR PROCRASTINATION. 

Going for a walk

Like getting a snack, people often find getting outside and new scenery enables them to fully disgust their revision and make work for effective. It also keeps you active and healthy, so you don’t feel groggy or too guilty for your revision snacks!

Something a bit more out there…

This one comes down to your own personal preference and often a bit of luck finding it. I know people who just blare music as loud as possible for 15 minutes as a catharsis, then go back to complete calmness. I also know someone who speaks entirely in another language, as it enables them to live in a different headspace and allows his brain to be completely distracted (no idea how well it works, they’re a weird character!). My weird revision break is something I did in sixth form. I would throw a tennis ball at a wall for 10 minutes. It was an easy break, and I found the rhythm of it cathartic. It also was something I got exceptionally good at (doing it 8 times a day does that surprisingly) so it really distracted my mind as I tried to pull off trick shots. It is very weird, and I still don’t quite understand how it helped, but that was my most productive time, so it did something!

I hope any of these helped you, and good luck everyone with your exams! 

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