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Best study spots on campus

Hey everyone hope the new year is going well and you’re all settling back into the university life! Since it’s term 2 and work will start to pile up (especially for us 3rd years), I figured it would be useful to list some of the best places for students to study on campus. Not everyone, particularly first years, will be fully familiar with campus yet and I wish I had been told about study spaces earlier rather than discovering them later on.

The Library- surely everyone at university will know about the library, it is the most popular space on campus that students go and caters for people’s study spaces. For example, floors 3/4/5 are quiet study, meaning you can’t talk or bring food onto these floors, which is think is great because I definitely find that I do more work when it is quiet. However, if you’re mind works better in a busy and loud environment then floor 1/2 will be perfect for you because the seating is much more relaxed and is a great place to discuss group projects or study with friends.

this is probably the second best known place to study on campus and is my favourite in comparison to the library (not just because it is right next to costa). The grid is split into two sections, one is a quiet study space and another isn’t so again if you want to meet up to plan group presentations then the non-quiet part of the learning grid is perfect. It also has separate closed-off project rooms on the left hand side that you can book for meetings, and there is also printers, water fountains and computers in there. I think for me the space is much more open than the library and it doesn’t feel too busy, which is why I prefer it.

usually for each subject there will be a common room or study hub where you can go and study. For Sociology, we have a common room in the Social Sciences Building where you’ll usually find someone from the Sociology Exec so if you have questions that’s the place to go. It is also brilliant because there is a little kitchen on one side of the room where you can heat up food or grab of cup of tea/coffee. This room is nice because it isn’t big enough to be busy, usually quiet and the seating is comfortable.

The Oculus- so this is one of the newest buildings on campus and when still under construction when I first came to university. Now however, it is a great place to study particularly if you have a seminar later on in that building, you can come and prepare earlier. The upper floor has more seating areas both in the centre and off on each side, the chairs are soooo comfy and it is really spacious. The downfall to Oculus would be the noise because it is really busy and people are always chatting, I personally prefer other places but I’ve heard from friends that they love to go there because it is really relaxed.

University House- This is usually a space that not many students consider, probably because the university house building in near Westwood (bit of a trek), but if you’re really struggling to find space I definitely recommend it! You can get into the entrance using your student ID card and opposite the cafe is another learning grid type space. It is also the place you wait in when you have a careers appointment as the careers office is on the left-hand side. Whenever I have been there the room is always quiet, it’s a big room with computers and plenty of table space.

Campus Cafes- firstly Costa, there are loads of tables and I’m always seeing people on their laptops in there doing work or meeting friends to do work. Obviously besides the bonus of being able to get a quick coffee and cake, costa is really welcoming, always busy and is a good place to study. Also the humanities cafe, for those who haven’t been the cafe is on the ground floor on the side of the building facing the car park opposite Senate House. It is smaller than costa so not as spacious but alwayyssssss full, I personally have never been able to get a space, which may suggest it is popular for students to study so if you can get in there it is really cosy. Warwick Arts Centre Cafe is a big space but if the rush of people constantly walking past bothers you, there is additional seating opposite the cafe and on the 1st floor above it, another great place to get work done. Finally, the Library Cafe, very canteen looking but there are sofas on either side and is a back-up for some people who can’t get space in the library.

For First Years- Your Rooms- this isn’t technically an official study space on campus but I really recommend first years using your rooms. This is because they are generally quiet, which definitely worked for me, you can put on your own music and even stay in your pyjamas. It is much more comfortable and usually warmer, plus study spaces can get quite limited especially in exam season, which is worse for 2nd/3rd years who have to travel to campus. Whereas you guys can go back to your rooms, it is a wasted journey for students who live in Coventry or Leamington Spa, for example. Obviously go wherever you study best but I’d definitely make use of living on campus).

I hope this has been helpful! Really sorry if I have missed out any places, maybe my knowledge of study spaces could be better but for the most part I think I have covered a good range of areas. In most buildings there is usually some seating space but if you want somewhere quiet I’d recommend places like the Library and the Learning Grid! Have a fab term 2 everyone and I’ll be posting some more blogs next month so keep an eye out!

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