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Best Revision Spots on Campus

With exams in full flow, it can be good to get out of your room when you’re revising! I’ve always gone a little crazy when I haven’t left my room when I’ve been buried under revision piles.

In my first year, I did most of my revision in my room on campus with some breaks outside with other course friends. However, this wasn’t the most effective. I found myself just chatting when revising with friends and in my room, I could get easily distracted. Temptations like Netflix are always in your mind! Granted in my first year my exams were all multiple choice which, really took the pressure off. However, in my second and third-year revision became much more content heavy and thus my revision strategy had to step up.

I use the learning grids quite a lot. They’re on campus and in Leamington. My favourite is on campus, there are quiet spaces when you need to get your head down. Or right now I use the open area more as my dissertation sometimes requires me to clarify points or phrasing. The two silent areas are sizeable and have dividers. A silent area is essentially what it says on the tin, it’s extremely silent in there so, you have to concentrate. You can take breaks and leave your stuff for half an hour for lunch or a walk if the silence is driving you a little crazy.

Another place where you can revise is in the library. There are five floors, some silent (also some don’t permit laptops). During term three even the first two floors which are usually quite loud are rather quiet. Everyone has their head down working, it helps me to see other people working away. It always makes me feel like I have to work too. There’s also the cafe on the lower floor for a nutritious lunch or dinner.

If you hate silent working spaces, there are areas like the Oculus or bar fusion. There is desk space but there is lots of talking. In the Oculus, you can also use the empty lecture rooms for group revision. I’ve used them previously to plan out essays with friends, the boards really help to get thoughts down and rearrange them. 

If you are a biomedical science student, you can use the facilities at Gibbet Hill. There is a silent study room with around 35-50 desks; this is the same set up as the learning grid. Although, you need to arrive early for any revision space on campus as they fill up fast! Gibbet Hill also has its own grid, ICL suite and desks in the atrium that can be used if you don’t want a silent revision area.

Good luck with everyone else who have their exams!

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