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Best Places to Work on Campus

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So, we have reached term 3, and you know what that means? Warm weather (But we’re in the United Kingdom, so who knows), the last term of the academic year, and also, deadline and exam seasons. I’m here to tell you about the best places I’ve found to work on campus, as a seasoned pro! I, like many, have a lot of deadlines coming up very soon, including my Dissertation Deadline.

I’m one of those people who really struggle to work at home, the bed is there, my books, I can find so many excuses in just my bedroom to not work, so I force myself to come to campus every weekday, usually armed with a coffee and lunch. As it’s term 3, however, there are not often many places if you don’t get here by a certain time. I’ve found that between 10am-11am is usually the best time to get to campus and find a seat, so, here are my Top 3 places to study! (Going in reverse)

3) The Faculty of Arts Building (3/5)

I know this place has had a lot of mixed reviews, but it’s become more appealing to me since a Caffé Nero opened up there! The FAB is a new building that opened earlier this year and it’s designed as a study space with many lecture theatres and seminar rooms, but there are also a bunch of tables there as well as in the Caffé Nero (If you want Coffee within reach). Caffé Nero is my favourite coffee shop, so anywhere there is one, I will really enjoy (You’ll see this in a moment). The good thing about it is that it’s on Central Campus, so if you’re hankering for a snack or a Bread Oven, Rootes and the SU are not too far.

2) The Sports Centre (3.5/5)

This is a wild one, I know, but hear me out! The Sports Centre, though far, used to be one of my favourite places to work. I’d usually go with the intention of going to the gym either before or after I had done the work I was trying to do and then sitting in the Caffé Nero. The Sports Centre is so big and open that you don’t feel like you’re trapped and it’s surprisingly quiet! If you’re like me and find the gym a way to destress if you’re getting frustrated with your work, this is a really good location to work (And also make use of that gym membership you bought and promised to use because you’re right nearby it). As you guessed, I also appreciate the Caffé Nero there because it’s like having Coffee on tap and I love it. Not many people go there to study, but there are plug sockets and a fair amount of seating and also, because it’s far away from basically everything, it’s usually pretty quiet.

1) The Green Room (5/5) (I bet you thought this would be the Library)

I personally am not a fan of the library, because whenever I go, I can just feel the stress and anxiety of everyone there, no matter what floor you’re on. I also can’t work in silence because I have this innate fear that people can hear everything I am listening to in my earphones and I’d rather people not hear my partiality to either True Crime Podcasts or soundtracks (Gaming and film). You can find the Green Room on the 1st floor of SUHQ, opposite the SU Reception. One thing I love about the Green Room is that it’s a social study space, but it’s never too loud nor is it ever too quiet. All the tables have plug sockets accessible, and unlike the library you can bring hot food up (And there’s a microwave nearby). You’re also right near most coffee shops and places to buy food. I also really enjoy being able to look out the window when I’m sitting and it’s also a great place to sit and work with friends!

As you can tell, what determines my like of a study space is the accessibility to food and coffee and I think that is perfectly acceptable and perhaps one of the most important parts of a study space! Of course, these are only my preferences, some of you might like louder study spaces so sit in the SU Building, others may prefer silence and so go to one of the higher floors of the Library!

I just want to end this by saying, Good Luck to everyone who has exams and deadlines, you’re so close to finishing the year and it’ll come faster than you realise!

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
I love reading and listening to music. I am also…
Find out more about me Contact Krishna

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